photoThis term we are very lucky as Christopher from Douglas Academy is working with us and helping us to write a variety of poems. He explained to us that Japanese Haiku poems have a special structure of 5,7 5 syllables.

We wrote a class Haiku about litter. Here it is...

I just hate litter
What has happened to the world?

The children then wrote their own Haiku about recycling.

Here are some examples...

Litter is not cool
Save the world, don’t throw it away
Just recycle it!

Why do they do it?
I hate litter, pollution
Just use the bin

We also have written Kennings. A Kenning is a special kind of list poem that consists of 8-10 lines.

Each line has only 2 or 3 words and usually describes an object or animal.

Here is an example...

Flesh ripper
Bone breaker
Man eater
Blood smeller
Boat sinker
Fast swimmer
Tail swisher
Silent hunter
Sea dweller

(a great white shark)