** Classes 'Stepping Up' 2014 - 2015!

** Classes 'Stepping Up' 2014 - 2015!

Each year Clober Primary spends a morning during our final week, 'Stepping Up'.
All pupils, who are present on the day, including those in the nursery,
move to the classrooms they will be in, when they return in August. 
It is felt that this 'Stepping Up' helps the children familiarise themselves,
not only with their new class, but also gives them the opportunity to meet with their new teacher.

Primary 1a - Mrs McRobb

Primary 1b - Mrs K Chapman

Primary 2a - Miss Gibb

Primary 2b - Mrs Greer

Primary 3 - Mrs Glennie and Mrs J Chapman

Primary 3/4 - Ms Dayer

Primary 4 - Mrs Ryman and Mrs Young

      Primary 5 - Mr Bertram

Primary 6 - Mrs O'Donnell

Primary 7 - Miss Kim

Both teachers and pupils enjoy the experience of 'Stepping Up' and everyone
agreed that they were looking forward to having a fantastic year!