P1 / Nursery 'Growing Up' Initiative

P1 / Nursery 'Growing Up' Initiative

We at Clober take pride in our P1/Nursery Liaison Programme.
 We are always looking for ways to consolidate it and recently added a 'Growing Up' initiative
for nursery pre-school children to enjoy.

While at Clober Nursery the children are supported by our fantastic Nursery staff. However, one
of the main objectives of this initiative, is to have the children interact with other adults in the school.

  We believe this helps the children in their transition from Nursery
to the hustle and bustle of a Primary School!

To help the nursery children feel at ease, Primary 1 pupils join them as they are put into seven groups.
These groups rotate over seven weeks and allow the children to experience all the different activities.

Teachers, nursery staff and support staff take individual groups to participate in various exciting activities.

Here is a selection of photographs that demonstrate a few of these activities.





Teachers, nursery and support staff help make this 'Growing Up' project a very worthwhile initiative
and judging from the positive feedback from the P1 and nursery children, it is a huge success!

At the end of every year's programme all the children are delighted to learn... 

.... that each will receive a 'Growing Up' Certificate to recognise
all their fantastic achievements over the seven weeks!