BFG Art and Craft

BFG Art and Craft

 Dream Catchers

We made dream catchers using pipe cleaners, yarn and feathers.  They turned out lovely!

BFG and Sophie Cave Pictures

We drew the BFG holding Sophie in his cave.  Then we coloured it in before mounting it onto black.  Then we crunched up paper to create a cave and glued it around the giant and Sophie.  Don't our caves look great?



Giants from a Child's Perspective

We carefully measured a variety of lines onto blank paper before carefully drawing the different parts of the giant.  His feet were the most tricky to get right but we did a fantastic job! Look at the results



e BFG Dream Tree

We were inspired by the BFG's dream tree.  First we painted a watery background using aqua, pink and blue.  Then once it had dried we used ink to draw on the silhouette of a tree.  Finally we carefully placed white dots (dreams) in and around the tree.  To make them look magical we sprinkled with white and silver glitter.  They look amazing and we are so proud of them.