Christmas Fun in P7

Christmas Fun in P7

 Christmas Fun in Primary 7

This term has been a very busy term and now we're nearly at the end of it!  In the last 2 weeks we have performed our Christmas show twice, had our party, made gingerbread and have been making lots of other lovely Christmas things!

Here are some pictures from our class.    

Christmas Show


Very well done to everybody who took part.  You learned your lines, stage directions and songs so well!  Everybody in the audience had a wonderful time!


Making Gingerbread


As part of our health and wellbeing, we were learning how to prepare food.  As it was Christmas, we made gingerbread.  They were delicious.  We then wrote a recipe for how to make gingerbread so that we can make it again if we want to.  We all had a wonderful, tasty playtime that day!


Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas Party.  We danced to traditional Scottish dances, danced to old songs, like the cha cha slide and even taught the teachers a few new dances like the Whip Nae Nae!  We then had a dance off between the P6s and the P7s - it was too close to say which class won!  We also had lots of fun party games and of course, lots and lots of lovely food!  It was a wonderful afternoon!



From all of P7 - thanks to everybody who made all of these activities possible!  

We hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to lots more exciting experiences in 2016!