Clyde in the Classroom

Clyde in the Classroom

Clyde in the Classroom

On the 10th of January, Primary Four visited the Glasgow Science Centre. First we went to hang our coats up and put our packed lunches away. Then the teachers took us up the stairs and we went the theatre to learn about the river Clyde and fish that live there. We also had to guess what type of fish that was on the power point. Then we were told about what creatures causing problems in the Clyde.


Problem Creatures

 Creatures that cause problems in the river Clyde are, Crayfish, Pike, Minks, American scorpion and Heron.

Then Lesley also showed us pictures of brown trout and sea trout. She also showed us how brown trout eggs are fertilised in a fish farm so that the maximum amount of fish can hatch.

The Golden Rules

Then we went to another part of the Science Center and got told more. Andy told us about the golden rules which are;

·       Never throw food in the water or feed them.

·       Keep the water between 8 and 10 degrees

·       Remove the dead eggs using a turkey baster

·       Leave the water for 24 hours to get rid of the chlorine

·       Give them oxygen in the water

What do the trout need?

Andy also told us what the four things brown trout need. They need oxygen, fresh water, cold water and rocks as shelter. After listening to what we were supposed to do we went for lunch it was delicious! After lunch we went to the gift shop. I got a bouncy ball it was super bouncy!

Then we went to play for a bit I played a lot of games! My favourite part (Jamie) was the wacky salon and then we went to the toilet and grabbed our stuff in the cloakroom. After that we went to line up to go on the bus. Dylan chatted the whole way about movies J and we went to write a bit about our trip and then we went home. We Had A Great Day!!!!  

My favourite part (Hannah) was the eggs in the cups and you could twist the bottom and then one egg would sink, one would stay put and one would take its time.  I also loved getting my mum a present in the shop.


By Jamie and Hannah