Data Protection

Data Protection


Information on parents and guardians will be collected by East Dunbartonshire Council and its school for purposes of teaching, registration, assessment and other administration duties. This information will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be disclosed to children, parents, guardians and statutory bodies, including Career Scotland, in accordance with the provision of that Act.


Parents have a legal right of access to their child’s core education records, regardless of the age of their child. These are the records held within your child’s Personal Pupil Record (PPR). Parents do not have a general right of access to all records that mention their child. To access your child’s file, please apply in writing to the Head Teacher.

A child has a legal right to all records held abut them. This includes records that may be held out with the PPR. If a child is ages 12 or over and can show suitable maturity and understanding they may exercise this right of access through a request to the Head Teacher in writing. If your child is aged 11 or younger, or is not considered to have suitable maturity and understanding, then a parent may make an application on their child’s behalf for access to all records. The table below summarises who may access what records through writing to the appropriate Head Teacher.

Child Under 12

Child’s Rights - A child’s parents or guardian may apply on the child’s behalf for access to all records.

Parent Rights - Right of access to core education record (PPR)

Child 12 and Older

Child’s Rights - If able to show suitable maturity and understanding, the child may apply for access of all records.

Parent Rights - Right of access to core education record (PPR)

No legal right to all records unless acting as child’s representative because child is unable to show suitable maturity and understanding.


The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act gives individuals a statutory right to the unpublished “internal” information and records held by Scottish Public Authorities such as East Dunbartonshire Council and its schools. Individuals have already used this legislation to find out about policy, procedures and how particular decisions have been reached. If you would like to use this legislation to access particular information please write to the Head Teacher, and subject to certain conditions and exemptions, you will receive a full response within twenty working days of receipt of the request.

Please note that you cannot access personal information on staff or pupils under this legislation. To access personal information about your own child, please see the section 28 on Accessing Your Child’s Pupil Records.