Eco Schools

Eco Schools


Together with the children and some wonderful parents and grandparent helpers we are building an exciting area for the children to come and explore all the wonders of the outdoor area. We have been working hard over the winter months planting spring bulbs and building our wild flower garden area.

Children playing outdoors and child using rake on leaves              Child using hammer to build fence      Small boy using saw to cut wood with adult helping




The children have even used some of the fallen leaves and other materials from outside to create some beautiful art work. We have been taking care of the birds in our garden and have made some bird feeders mixing lots of seeds and hanging them from our trees.

We have been learning about how to use tools safely and are working on building our fence, so that we can watch our flowers grow. We are all really excited to see what beautiful colours might pop through in the Spring.

Children making pictures with leaves outdoors              Small boy using hammer to build fence