There are events at school on a regular basis as we have so much to squeeze into 39 weeks. From Science to Reading, Charities to Sports, and School Shows to Active Learning, there always seems to be something going on. Here's a slection of some of the things we did this term.


We carried out a real science experiment for the “Big wasp Survey”, a national survey to discover more about wasp population distribution.. Even though we caught no wasps, this is still useful data.

In science we planted some radish seeds and added various controlled amounts of fertiliser to the soil. Then we just have to add water and patience.


It’s time to find out how our radish plants got on. Here we are upending the pots to measure the plants. It must have been a little late in the season as few plants showed any significant root development.


MacMillan coffee morning provided some much needed cake, as well as raising a lot of money for a worthwhile cause.


Yes, you really can find happiness in cake.


This selfie shows the pink and green theme colours really well.

For world of work week our teacher brought in some of his old Royal Navy uniforms. We had a lot of very good questions to ask after we learned about SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopters, the Sea King Mark V, and watched some videos filmed from the aircraft (albeit a long time ago!)

The uniforms are all designed with a propose in mind – overalls for dirty work, jackets for the cold, smart for day wear and stylish for the evenings.


Not quite old enough to take the Queen’s Shilling, but wearing the hat well!


Our mandarin teacher has been helping us to write our names in mandarin. It looks quiet complicated to us.


Here’s the moment right after the feathered ball flew past the teacher’s head (at high speed). Better luck with keepy-ups next time.