Fire Station Visit

Fire Station Visit

Recently we wrote letters to the staff at Milngavie Fire Station. We explained that our topic in class
was 'People Who Help Us in the Community' and we would like to visit to ask firefighters
how they keep us all safe. Luckily they said 'YES!' and we had the most fantastic visit to the Station.
We hope you enjoy seeing the photos we took on the day!

Clober Primary has been fortunate to visit Milngavie Fire Station many times over the years.
However, on our visit we experienced for the very first time, a genuine 'SHOUT'!

We heard the alarm sound and we stood back and watched firefighters
quickly change into their fire fighting jackets, trousers and boots.
Then, the engine was off, siren blaring to answer the call!
We were very happy to hear the 'SHOUT' was a false smoke alarm.

We would like to thank the staff at Milngavie Fire Station very much for our visit.
It was very informative and we now know much more about how the Fire Service keeps us all safe.

It was a visit we will certainly remember for a very long time!