Induction Afternoon

Induction Afternoon

            Induction Afternoon is held for all nursery children who are joining Clober Primary School in August.  
Head Teacher, Mr Bremner, invites parents to the school for an insight
as to what their child should expect on those first days at school. 

    While parents remain in the Hall, the nursery children leave
to have much more fun with the Primary 1 teachers! 


Once the children have settled down in the classroom,  
they are read a super story, 'A New Home for Tiger'...


  ... and then  sing songs such as
'The Wheels on the Bus' and 'The Speckled Frogs'.


      After all that singing and refreshing juice and biscuits...  


        ..... they have fun playing a counting game with a very special
Scottish friend of P1 called 'Fizzy', on the Interactive Whiteboard.


   After 'Fizzy' the time arrives for the youngsters to meet
their P3 'Buddy', who will help them when they come to Clober's Primary 1!  


Each 'Buddy' gives a photograph of themselves to their own special charge
to help them remember over the summer months.

                        We find that this initial meeting is a great help to both the P3's and the new children
                     before they start in August.  Once everyone has met their 'Buddy', they walk through to the Hall 
             to reunite the nursery children with their Mums, Dads and carers can enjoy a well-earned cup of tea!


   As you can see the children are eager to receive a certificate following their time in P1!
We have found that Induction afternoon is always an enjoyable experience for everyone involved