Jim McNeil visit to Primary 5 and 5/6

Jim McNeil visit to Primary 5 and 5/6

 As part of our first topic this year we took part in Heartstart lessons.  We do this at the start of every year to refresh our skills on first aid so that we know what to do in the case of an emergency.  We know how to make a 999 call, stop a serious bleed, put someone in the recovery position, help someone who is choking and we practised CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) on dummies.    To consolidate all that we had learned, Jim McNeil, the longest ever serving paramedic visited us to talk about his job.

He tested our knowledge with great questions and we answered them brilliantly.  He was very impressed with our knowledge.  He told us how he worked 12 hour shifts with two 30 minute breaks.    He said it was a very hard job but very worthwhile and rewarding, especially when the patients thanked him.   

The normal response time for an ambulance is between 7-10 minutes which is why it's so important that everyone knows basic first aid.  

He brought an ECG machine along which also acts as a defibrillator.  He tested it out on some of us and we saw the heart rate.  The wires were attached to pulse points on the wrists and ankles with sticky pads.  


After that we got the chance to go inside a real ambulance and see all of the equipment.  We rang the sirens too! They were very noisy.


A huge thank you to Jim McNeil for coming in to talk to us!