MSP Visit

MSP Visit

 MSP Visit

Today we were visited by two very important people; Gil Paterson and Annabel Goldie.  They were here to tell us more about their role as a constituency MSP and a regional MSP.  We found it very interesting.


We also got to ask them lots of questions.  Gil said that he works for us so anything we wanted to know was O.K.  Here are some of the questions:

- How long do the debates last?

- How many times a week do you go in to the debating chamber?

- Is the presiding officer scary?

- What committees are you on?

- Have you always been an MSP and do you enjoy it?

- Have you ever been suspended from the debating chamber?

- When will you retire?

- How many times have you been elected?

Some of us even asked about local issues that were concerning us and what could be done about them.  We found it very interesting and would like to thank both MSPs for taking time out of their busy schedule to come and talk to us!