Nursery's Liaison Visits to Primary 1 Throughout the Year

Nursery's Liaison Visits to Primary 1 Throughout the Year

As part of our Primary 1 and Nursery Liaison Programme, pre-school Nursery children, together with their
parents/guardians, take part in three visits to Primary 1. We believe these visits are very beneficial to the
children as they come through to the main school and experience working in a Primary 1 classroom.

The visits allow the children opportunities to improve their ICT skills, become 'authors for a day' at their
language visit and mathematicians during their final workshop!

Our first workshop involves identifying various parts of a computer,

using an Interactive Whiteboard, 'building' their own computer with a cut and stick activity
and having fun using computers in a P1 classroom!

Next comes our Language Workshops where the children enjoy listening
to Primary 1 teachers
 reading the story, 'Where's My Teddy'.

The children then have lots of fun being authors and illustrators themselves by cutting,
pasting and colouring pictures for their own 'Teddy' books.
They are very proud of their creations and happy to take them home.

On our final visit, Maths is the core element. Our pre-schoolers have lots of fun at our Maths Workshop.
Here the children carefully follow instructions, recognise and match specific colours.
Each child has to use only blue, red, yellow or green crayons to colour their own 'house' and follow
this up by matching their creations with the teacher's 'house', on the Interactive Whiteboard. 
As in previous Workshops the fantastic 'houses' are taken home to be shown to the rest of the family!

The Maths Workshop shows just how much the children have developed
from the very first Computer visit.  Every year we see the benefit of these visits as part
of the Primary 1 and Nursery Liaison Programme.