Ordinal Numbers in P1/2!

Ordinal Numbers in P1/2!

P1/2 joined together to learn about Ordinal Numbers. These can be a bit tricky,
but we found our Interactive Whiteboard very helpful for understanding them!

Having learned so much from the presentation
we thought we would set up a 'real' race in class!


Ready....  Steady..... Go!!


We placed labels beside the vehicles - First... Second... Third... Fourth... Fifth.
It was a super, fun, practical activity to show us how Ordinal Numbers work!

We then moved on to our worksheets to consolidate what we had learned from the lesson.
P1 had a matching sheet with colours corresponding with the correct Ordinal Number.


While P2 had to complete a tricky game on their Ordinal Numbers worksheet!


It had been a fantastic introduction to Ordinal Numbers and a lot of fun!