Our Learning in Term 1

Our Learning in Term 1

 Welcome to Primary 1a!

We are all looking forward to a fun-filled year learning lots of new and exciting things.

This is what we will be learning in Term 1.

Social Studies

Our topics this Term are:

  • Rights Respecting School
  • Creating our own Class Charter
  • People Who Help Us in Clober Primary School


Phonics and Reading

This term we will begin to recognise, form and say commonly used sounds. We will learn the letter name, the sound it makes and to identify the lower and upper case shape.
Once we have learned our first few sounds, we will apply this knowledge to help us read some exciting new stories.
We will also learn to read some common words which will help us with reading and writing.
Word games, puzzles, flashcards and word boxes will help reinforce this new vocabulary.
Homework will be issued to consolidate everything taught in class.
Following the initial teaching of phonics and reading, children will be involved in both written work and practical activities, often working collaboratively, in pairs or small groups.
We will also enjoy whole class Big Book reading lessons.


Our imaginative and functional writing this term will be:

  • Working on sequence and structure using First, Next, Then, Last.
  • Developing a story with Who?, What?, Why?
  • Giving a simple explanation for why something is as it is.

Listening and Talking

We will be taking part in lots of activities to help our listening and talking skills.


Pattern and Sequence

We will be learning to copy, continue and describe simple patterns. We will also create our own patterns.

Number and Money

We will learn to:

  • Count 0 to 10 and 10 to 0.
  • Recognize symbols for numbers to 10.
  • Recognize number names to 10.
  • Match symbol with quantity to 10.
  • Sequence number symbols to 10.
  • Identify number before and number after to 10.
  • Understand and use the terms First, Second and Third.
  • Count 0 to 20 and 20 to 0.
  • Put sets together to make a larger set, put sets together where there is an empty set, use the and = signs, read number sentences.
  • Add within 5.
  • Recognize and name 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.


We will learn to:

  • Classify 2D shape be simple properties and sort, recognize and name squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.
  • Identify and name 3D shapes - cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders and spheres.
    Measurement and Time

We will learn to:

  • Use and understand the vocabulary - day, night, morning, afternoon, before, after.
  • Use and understand days of the week in the appropriate sequence.
  • Tell the time in whole hours using digital and analogue display, use and understand vocabulary - o'clock, clock, hands, time, hour.
  • Most of the above work will be carried out using mental maths strategies and practical activities. The children will often work together in pairs or small groups.

Health and Wellbeing

Road Safety

We will learn simple ways of keeping safe when crossing the road.

Keeping Safe Outside

We will learn simple ways of getting help and keeping safe outside.

Keeping Clean

We will learn to show an awareness of ways of keeping clean, including daily tooth brushing.


This term we will be:

  • Concentrating on spatial awareness in the gym.
  • Working on ball skills.
  • Learning dances for our Christmas Party.

Expressive Arts


We will be linking our Artwork to other areas of the curriculum and this term we will be working mostly on drawing skills and collage.


Our Drama this term will focus on Action Rhymes and Fantasy Stories. 


This term we will be learning songs to help with counting  as well as songs for our Christmas Nativity Play.

Religious and Moral Education

Our topic this term is 'Influential People in our Lives'.


Our science topic this term is 'Pushing and Pulling'.


As part of our People Who Help Us in Clober Primary School topic, we will be visiting various staff within the school eg the Canteen staff, the Janitor, the Cleaners and the Head Teacher.

Mr Oldmeadow, the 'Lollipop Man' will also come to talk to the children about crossing the road safely and a Police Officer will visit us to discuss 'Stranger Danger'.

To tie in with our Role Play Corners we will have several visitors throughout the year e.g. a doctor and a local ice cream manufacturer. This will include a visit from a local business during the School's "World of Work Week" at the beginning of November.


                                   Please enjoy visiting our website to see us enjoying our learning.