Our Learning in Term 3

Our Learning in Term 3


Welcome back!
We hope you all had a lovely Easter break.
Here is some information about the work we will be covering this term.


Number and Money

This term we are learning to:

  • Count 1 to 20 / 20 to 1, count in fives and tens to 100.
  • Identify odd and even numbers to 20.
  • Subtract within 10.
  • Find the difference between two amounts e.g. 2 ... = 6, 6 - ... = 4.
  • Begin to recognise the features of British coins.
  • Use pennies to count and find totals in Role-Play.


Capacity - We will learn to use and understand vocabulary - full, empty, fill, pour, cupful and spoonful.

We will measure liquid in non-standard units.

Position and Movement

We will learn to use positional language - in front and behind, top and bottom, above and below, right and left.



This term we will continue to use Bug Club phonics to learn our phonemes in an interactive way. Examples of phonemes we will be covering are: 'ow' and 'air'.
We will also be consolidating all the sounds we have learned in Primary 1.


We will continue to work through our school Reading Scheme - Bug Club.
We will enjoy a variety of fiction, non-fiction and comic style texts.

Following the initial teaching of phonics and reading, children will be involved in both written work and practical activities, often working collaboratively in pairs or small groups.
We will also be taking part in whole class 'Big Book' reading and writing activities.


  • In imaginative writing we will learn to recognise and use storybook language
  • In functional writing we will learn about labels and captions
  • We will learn to write a story with a beginning, middle and end

Health and Wellbeing

Physical Health

  • We will learn to show an awareness of our bodies
  • We will learn to show an awareness of simple ways of keeping safe
  • We will learn to choose between given alternatives in situations that could affect our health


This term we will be focussing on athletics and preparing for Sports Day.

Expressive Arts


We will be linking our Art work to other areas of the Curriculum, but this term we will be working mostly on fabric and collage.


Our Drama this term will continue to focus on Fantasy Stories. We will learn how to create or enact a story using confident voices and confident movement.


This term we will be learning to listen with concentration, and show an understanding of fast /slow and high/low.

We will also continue to learn simple rhythms and demonstrate a sense of steady beat.

Religious and Moral Education

Our topic this term is 'Thinking Stories'.


Our topics this term are:

  • Body Parts, where we will learn to name the main external parts of the human body.
  • Healthy plants and animals.


This term we will be focussing on collecting and analysing.

We will learn to:

  • collect data
  • present data using a pictograph
  • interpret a pictograph

Social Studies

Our topic this term is 'Myself and Where I Live'.
We will recognise and
explore features of our local environment and will make links with all curricular areas.