Our Primary 5/6 Classroom

Our Primary 5/6 Classroom


Welcome To Our Primary 5/6 Classroom

We have been very busy since we started back and have created some beautiful patterns using the technique of Zentangling.  They took us a few art lessons but we felt so relaxed and proud of our efforts upon completion.


Our Self Registration Area, birthday and Co-op Groups

Our first topic, 'Rights Respecting Schools', 'Heartstart' and 'Better Behaviour, Better Learning'.

We have been learning how to assist someone in the case of an emergency.  We know the number to call 112 or 999, we can put someone in the recovery position which we have been practicing at home this week and we know what to do if someone had a serious bleed, was to choke or stop breathing.  We have also discussed our rights as children, friendship, internet safety, stranger danger and what to do in the case of a fire alarm sounding.


We used the technique of pointillism to make superhero costumes which we then put our faces onto so they could come alive!  We wrote about our superhero friendship powers in the speech bubbles.

We all made a jigsaw piece detailing our likes, family and hobbies during meet the teacher.  We all fit together perfectly!

In maths we are starting the year off with revision of the four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Please keep practising times tables each night to improve speed and accuracy. Use


'Hit the Buttom'

Our general wall with French, work charts, toilet record, jobs chart and countdown starter.

Our Group Names


Keep checking for updates on what we are doing.