Our vegetable garden

Our vegetable garden

 In the nursery we were given two big rectangular planting troughs.  We decided to use one of these to plant some vegetables.  The preparation of the beds started in the spring with filling up the troughs with earth.  Our first problem was how to get the heavy bags of soil from one end of the playground to the other. 


The children worked as teams to solve this.

The children suggested what they would like to grow in our vegetable garden.

So we planted PEAS

                        COURGETTE, TOMATOES                                         STRAWBERRIES, POTATOES



The plants were all left to grow through the summer and what a surprise when the children returned.

We were now able to harvest the vegetables and eat them.  Unfortunately the strawberries were eaten by the birds over the summer holidays and it was too cold for the courgettes and the tomatoes.


We picked the lettuce to eat along with our snack.  The potatoes and onions were dug up, the purple broccoli picked and all cooked for us all to taste.

The peas were the best, because it was great fun popping the pods and eating the peas straight away.  They were so sweet.  Many of the children tried the peas,  who never usually eat peas!!


We were able count and compare the sizes of the peas in each pod.  Some children then used the pods to make some flower patterns.  We will definitely be planting plenty of peas next year!