P3 ~What we are learning Term 3

P3 ~What we are learning Term 3


Primary 3

What We Are Learning – Term 3



Primary 3 will continue to work on addition and subtraction to 100 using both mental and written strategies.   We will also be undertaking practical activities related to measure.   The children will get the opportunity to measure length, weight, capacity and area using standard measurements such as centimetres, metres, kilograms, litres, etc. Hopefully the children will find this enjoyable! We will continue to use a variety of strategies within problem solving, including drawing graphs. In other maths work, we will be working on the properties of 3D shapes and measuring using scales and rulers.





Primary 3 will continue to progress through the Ginn reading scheme and will also use the SRA reading laboratory. This involves independently reading, answering questions and following instructions. It not only improves pupils reading and comprehension but also their awareness of spelling, grammar and vocabulary. The children will continue to write in different genres including poetry, functional and imaginative writing. 




Health and Well Being

Our focus in PE this term is athletics. Pupils will participate in a variety of running, throwing and jumping activities using equipment such as bean bags, space hoppers and javelins. They will run long and short distances and participate in shuttle relays. 

The focus in Health and Wellbeing in Term 3 is Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood. We will be looking at bullying and how to deal with it; recognising that each person is unique and discussing gender stereotypes and why this is wrong; and the needs of human and animal babies in order to survive.



Expressive Arts

Within our Art lessons Primary 3 will be learning how to use printing techniques and also getting the opportunity to make models using clay. In Drama, children will be using the story of Goldilocks as a stimulus for their activities.





Our focus this term for RME will be ‘Hinduism – the Idea of ‘God’. The children will become aware of the different Gods and Goddesses in this religion. They will learn about the Story of Rama and Sita and Ganesh. We will link our learning to decorative art work, using what we have learned about line and colour.



Social Studies


Primary 3’s topic for this term will be ‘Running a Business’. We will learn about enterprise and run our own business for a day. Pupils will examine some basic principles of business such as profit and loss. This topic will be pupil lead, where the class will vote on what kind of business we will run, the name of our business. We will learn about finance, market research, advertising, making products and selling our products for a hopeful profit. 




 We will also be looking at energy and look at renewable and non-renewable sources of energy,



In French, Primary 3 will be learning vocabulary based upon animals, continuing to count up to 31 and revising the days and months of the year.