Play on Pedals

Play on Pedals

Play on Pedals is a 9 week course which aims to help children develop their confidence and improve their ability in riding a pedal bike by initially teaching them how to properly ride a balance bike.

      Eight children in bicycle helmets      Group of eight small children in bicycle helmets

In conjunction with parents, staff will assess the stage the children are at and how they can be brought forward in their cycling abilities. Staff will also provide parent information sessions to outline the programme, answer any questions, recruit parent helpers and provide activities which can be mirrored at home.

      Seven small children in bicycle helmets     Group of young children with adult in bicycle helmets

The 9 week programme consists of:

Week 1: Naming the parts of the bike

Week 2: Securing the helmets

Week3: Braking

Week 4: Gliding

Week 5: Steering

Week 6: Mounting and dismounting

Week 7: Balance and control

Week 8: Slow speed control

Week 9: Pedalling

At the end of the 9th week, children may or may not be able to pedal their bikes, however they will all receive a certificate for all their hard work and staff would ask that parents continue to support children in their cycling abilities.

      Four children lined up with bicycles      Four children cycling in school hall

                                            Seven small children holding cycling certificates