Primary 1's First Assembly - Time!

Primary 1's First Assembly - Time!

It is a very special day when boys and girls from Nursery,
join family and friends to enjoy Primary 1a's very first Assembly.

P1a had been working hard in class learning about the analogue clock,
and decided that 'Time' would be an excellent theme for their first Assembly.

A fun-filled opening got their performance off to a great start...


                             running up the stairs....                                               shouting out the window.....                            
                                                        ..... as the class sang 'Wee Wilie Winkie'!

 P1a then explained what they had learned about 'Time',
including particular events that occur during the day...

               the parts of a clock face                   9.00 am - going to school                     12.00 pm - dinner time

... and told of some interesting events that happen when darkness falls.

The 'Time' theme continued as clever P1a put the days of the week into the correct order.

Next they sang the traditional rhyme, 'Hickory Dickory Dock',
with the help of one very big mouse!...

P1a's first assembly came to an end with one of Clober's favourite songs, 'Seven Days a Week'!

The resounding applause was well deserved for such a super performance!

Depute Head, Mrs Ashby thanked Primary 1a boys and girls
for all their hard work in producing such an enjoyable Assembly. 
Mrs Ashby then invited P1a to join their families and friends for a well-earned juice and biscuit!

A fantastic 'time' was had by all!