Primary 1's First School Dinner

Primary 1's First School Dinner

  Before the children remain in school for a full day, parents/carers are invited
to accompany Primary 1 to the dining hall for their 'first' school dinner!


Mr Bremner explains what happens in the dinner hall each day.


It is then time for everyone to take a tray...

....and choose from a selection of healthy meal options including fish,
   macaroni cheese, chicken bites, burgers, salads, pizza, soup and sandwiches!


  To complete P1's 'first' dinner, desserts included fruit, yogurts, jelly, and cakes
 together with variety of healthy drinks.


   As you can see, everyone enjoys tucking into their dinner!



Dinner over, Mr Bremner shows the children how to carefully tidy everything away...

                                                ...first clear the tray... next, pop cutlery into the soapy water...


... and finally... stack the tray for washing!


All the P1's enjoy their 'first' dinner experience and say they are
looking forward to coming back to the canteen for their next one!