Primary 4 Bulb Competition

Primary 4 Bulb Competition

Primary 4 have been growing hyacinths! We were given our bulbs from Caulders late last year and knew that sometime in February someone would come to see how we had got on.

We had a conversation with Mr Billcliff about how to look after our bulbs. He told us loads of places we could put them to help them grow like garages. He also showed us how to plant the bulb properly. Thank you Mr Billcliff!

We took our bulbs home and put them in a cool place to grow. We knew that we had to take them out about 6 weeks before they were due to be judged and put them on the window ledge.

On the 1st of February, Jacqui Gillespie from East Dunbartonshire Council came to judge our hyacinths. Some of them had already flowered or hadn’t grown at all! We all knew we had tried our best though! 

Jacqui had such a difficult time in deciding the top 3 as all our flowers looked amazing! In the end she chose Jack Jenkins for 3rd place, Emma O’Donnell for 2nd and Rachel Whyte as the winning flower. Well done!

Congratulations to Primary 4’s top 3 as well as the rest of the class for taking part!

Thank you to Caulders and East Dunbartonshire Council for giving P4 the chance to take part!