Primary3a - Term 2

Primary3a - Term 2

 Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back to Primary 3a with Miss Kennedy.

Primary 3a and I had a very successful and enjoyable first term and can’t wait to get back to work in term 2.

 I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some important information regarding our class work for term 2.

Our Class Charter: We will continue to work with our class charter throughout term 2, using it to guide us on how we should behave both in and out of school. Throughout term 1 Primary 3a engaged well with the ideas they put forward for their class charter and continue to show respect in kindness throughout their school lives.

PE Days: PE sessions this year will be on a Tuesday with Miss Kennedy and a Wednesday with Miss Barrett. This term we will be concentrating on gymnastics and football. Please ensure your child has a PE kit consisting of shorts, t-shirt, socks and appropriate foot wear. Long hair should be tied up and no jewellery worn on PE days.

 Homework: Homework will be given out on a weekly basis, beginning on January 15th. It will be given to children on a Monday and collected on a Friday. This term there will be a focus on shared learning via homework, encouraging both you and your child to work together and experience the learning journey together.  Your child will be taught many new spelling patterns over the year and homework will reinforce this. Please remind pupils to use full stops, capital letters and ensure handwriting is neat. Maths and social studies homework will also be issued as and when required and will reflect the topics covered in class.

Things to bring to class: It would be helpful if you could provide the following equipment for your child: 2 sharp pencils 1 rubber Colouring pencils 1 ruler 1 glue stick. Thank you for your support. When children come prepared for school it helps us achieve a successful learning environment.

 Term 2 in Primary 3a:
In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning I have listed some of the areas of the curriculum we will cover this term.

Literacy: Spelling - Children will be given a list of new words on a Monday and will be asked to practice them at home in order to learn them ready for a test on Friday. They will have the opportunity to practise these words in class throughout the week with a range of active spelling activities. During term 1 in primary 3a a new active spelling programme was introduced, it proved to be very successful in supporting the children with their spelling. I aim to continue this practice throughout term 2 and adapt when necessary in order to provide the best possible learning experience for all children.

 Reading: Last term we began to use our new reading resource, Bug Club. This has been a huge hit with the children. The new books are engaging and thought provoking for all children and I have witnessed an improvement already in all children’s reading practice. This term we will continue to work with Bug Club in class and this will be supported with use of the interactive resources at home.  

Writing: I am very proud of the writing primary 3a produced during their first term of primary 3a, they all worked extremely hard and this was shown through the various pieces completed.  This hard work will continue in term 2, children will have the opportunity to complete pieces of informative, imaginative and functional writing this term. During writing lessons there will be opportunities to self and peer-assess work to allow children to identify aspects of great writing as well as areas for development. We are concentrating on improving the use of VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) in our writing.

 French: This year we will be learning French in the form of structured lessons as well as through daily class routines – our focus this term will be the days of the week and months of the year. This will be integrated in our everyday classroom routine with daily practice of writing the date in French in our jotters and other strategies.

Maths: We will be focusing on addition/subtraction and multiplication this term, pupils will enjoy an active approach to their maths this term in order to support the learning of new mathematical concepts. To compliment their written work, pupils will participate in a variety of games and activities to reinforce recently taught concepts.

Social Studies: This term our topic will be Scotland and other lands. This entails us looking at both lives of children in Scotland and further afield, with a focus on the African country of Malawi. I aim to make this a topic which encompasses all areas of the curriculum, giving the children insight into what it means to be a global citizen in today’s society.

This is just a quick overview of some of the activities your child will be involved in during their second term of primary 3.

 If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school office and we will be happy to help.

With best wishes,

Miss Kennedy