We have been discussing our bodies after looking at how much we've grown on our group height charts. The ‘Doctor measuring Height’ jigsaw was out and we also used the height measure in the medical room of the school. We looked at an image of a skeleton and discussed how the bones in the body grow a tiny bit at a time. The children all knew that our/the skeletons are made of bones but had questions about how they heal and which ones are strong. To look at the skeleton in more detail we used straws to make a simple skeleton inside a body silhouette. As we did this we talked as a group outside about how our bones need us to drink water (and milk), we need them to move and that our body needs to rest sometimes.

      Small girl sitting on floor holding science book open      Small boy playing with science body game

We also looked at weight, and weighed ourselves on scales after feeling how heavy 1kg of potatoes was.

      Small girl standing on weighing scales      Small girl drawing body parts on inside our body template

The children were interested in the diagram jigsaw showing different parts of the body. We looked at a large diagram of the major organs and a book that had been brought in. I designed activities and experiments to explore the functions of these organs. We talked about where the lungs were. How we breathe in to the lungs, they get bigger and as we breath out the air is leaving the lungs. Some helped to make a pretend lung with an ice-cube bag and a straw. How the bag has little areas inside it. This allowed for experimentation to see the inflation and deflation. We talked again about our lungs getting full of air as we breathe in.

      Small child blowing into ice cube bag to simulate lungs      Small children playing body organ game on floor

For the Heart we had a pump and tubes in the water tray and in basins to ‘move blood around’ or ‘pump blood to toe’s and fingers and every part of us’. Sometimes talking about the blood in our veins and sometimes feeling for our heartbeat or pulse. During ‘Wake and Shake’ time in the Leopard room we felt how out heart beat got faster after exercise.

      Small girl playing where our heart is game      Small children playing game to see how the heart pumps

We repeated exploration of where organs were inside our bodies and what those organs do, in very simple terms. Drawing pictures and enjoying the challenge of the life size body organs game.