Scotland Street School

Scotland Street School

We had a fantastic visit to Scotland Street School this morning as part of our Social Studies Topic,
'Old Things and New Things'.

When we arrived, we were met by Ian, who was VERY strict with us!!
We had to line up really smartly - straight backs and no hands in pockets!!


Next, we all had a turn of Hopscotch...

... and hoola hoops.


Ian then took us into the Head teacher's office - very scary!

No nice smiles like Mrs Anderson gives us!

Time to visit the classroom - what's happened to our lovely bright blue tables and red chairs?

Ian had some very old toys and asked if we could help him to sort them.
We had to work with a partner and put the toys into 4 hoops
- moving toys, imaginative toys, building toys and puzzles.



Our great team work paid off - Ian said we did a fantastic job!!

One more activity before it was time to go back to school. We all made our very own peg doll to take home.



Thank you Ian - what a lot we have learned about toys in the past by visiting you at Scotland Street School.