Sensory and Curiosity play

Sensory and Curiosity play

In the nursery environment children have the opportunity to experience a range of sensory activities with natural resources i.e. playing with gloop, play dough, shaving foam, jelly etc.

      Three small children playing with green bubbles in water tray       Small child sitting on floor playing with red and blue containers

       Three small children playing in a sand tray      Children sitting around table with adult and pink bowl

Through these activities children develop their curiosity and senses i.e. they can smell or can feel the texture of messy stuff.

      Small boy using hands to play in blue paint on table       Two small children playing with a small red container

Additionally these activities have the opportunity to develop their language and social skill too.

      Children sitting around table with adult and pink bowl       Young children playing in sand tray 

                                           Small children sitting around table using their hands to play with white foam