Shared Reading

Shared Reading

 We have been working with P1b and sharing reading. We try to do this once per month. It benefits both the older and younger children and many report that it is one of the activities they most enjoy.


They loved being read stories and showed some really good listening skills.

We thought carefully about which books would suit our audience.


By October we discover that the primary 1s are able to make some words themselves. The magnetic letter boards are fun to use and let them show off what they learned to the older children.


Full concentration on finding the right letters.


Someone is doing well!

Shared reading in November allowed the Primary 1s to bring their own reading books and read them to P5/6. What a super treat. After all that hard work we read some more stories to them.


Learning to work well with others is a good skill to develop and can help us in lots of other areas.


Shared reading in December also included some shared writing: we are helping Primary 1 write their letters to Santa. The 1 to 1 support helped many children succeed in this tricky task and the results were rather good.

We could help with tricky words by writing them out to be copied. Some good modelling of writing and the writing process.



After the letters were done we chose books to read for enjoyment.


We are all looking forward to doing more shared reading next term.