Term 1

Term 1

 What we are learning in Term 1




Reading –We will be studying our class novel ‘The Amazing story of Adolphus Tip’ which links with our World War Two topic. We will develop our skills of summarising and predicting at key stages of the novel, and also work on comprehension through answering high order thinking questions with evidence and detail. We will look different genres of text, and learn about their features and how authors create interesting stories through plot structure, character development and setting. Within non-fiction texts we will focus on recounts of events and analysing instructional texts.


Writing – We are focusing on the use of descriptive language and using interesting Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP) to up level and develop our writing skills! We will revise handwriting joins and focus on neatness and consistency in our writing. During grammar lessons we will look at parts of speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives), types of sentence, verb tenses, auxiliary verbs, adjectives (comparatives and superlatives), adverbs (of manner, time and place) and direct Speech.


Talking / Listening: We are using our class novel for group discussion. Later in the term we will look at news and discuss the main points from news stories in order to develop our skills in giving our opinion.



 We will be doing lots of work on number processes, focusing particularly on place value and multiplication. We will be learning about:

·         Large numbers (up to 6 and 7 digits).

·         Place value, sequencing and mental addition and subtraction.

·         Mental and written strategies for multiplication.


Beyond number we will develop our knowledge of shapes through

·         3D shape properties and their nets.

·         Identifying angle types.

·         Compass points and 3 figure bearings.


Health and Wellbeing

·         PE – we will focus on fitness, ball skills and dance.

·         Rights Respecting Schools- we will create a class charter, learn about safety online and on the roads and refresh our life saving skills during our heart start programme.

·         Our mental wellbeing – looking at self esteem, our hopes and fears and friendships.

·         Our social wellbeing – individual targets, integrity and being an individual.



Social Studies

World War Two – we will carry out research on this topic and undertake a number of activities related to key themes from World War II. We would be delighted to hear from any Grandparents/ Great Grandparents who would be willing to come in and talk about some their experiences during the war.


This topic links to literacy work through our class novel and as a result lots of cross curricular work will be done using World War II as a theme.



This term we will be:

·         Using ICT to enhance learning in social studies through research.

·         Learning how to act safely and responsibly online.



We will be focusing on Circuits, Batteries and Sound.


Expressive Arts

Art- working with line, tone, texture and pattern to produce a pieces of art. Also using oil pastels/ paint to create art scenes.

Drama – we will create scenes in small groups and develop our improvisation skills.

Music - We will be discussing how the mood of music makes us feel and how music can create an effect.  We will also be learning all of our Christmas Show songs and singing them confidently. 



Religious and Moral Education

During RME this term we will look at topical issues in current news such as fairness, gender inequality, opportunities in sport, sectarianism and team identity.


There are many other activities your child will be involved in, too many to list, but hopefully you will hear of these from your child! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above and I will be happy to help.


With best wishes,

Ms. Cunniffe