Term 2 - What we are Learning

Term 2 - What we are Learning

 Term 2 - What we are Learning

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  It certainly sounds like there were lots of great times had by the class!  We’ve another very busy term with events including the P7 residential trip to Ardmay, more Mandarin lessons, the Scots’ Assembly and visits from the Maths and English Department at Douglas Academy. 


This term in Maths we will start the term by learning about shape, position and movement.  This will include identifying the properties of 2d and 3d shapes, reading and drawing angles, plotting co-ordinates, making patterns by tiling and tessellating and identifying diagonals and lines of/rotation symmetry.  Some of us will even learn about the equations of a circle. 

We will also be covering multiplication and division – multiplying and dividing large numbers.  We will then apply this knowledge to fractions, decimals and percentages.  Please ensure you practise your times tables regularly to help you with quick recall of your tables.

We also have a block of lessons from a member of the Maths department at Douglas Academy so will plan more exciting learning!


Reading – this term we will be reading group novels and focusing on literal, evaluative and inferential comprehension.  We will continue to work on clarifying unfamiliar words, summarising and predicting. 

Writing – we will have a focus on Scots’ language in January looking at poetry from a book called ‘Blethertoun Braes’.  We will then write poetry about an imaginary town.  You may get to hear it at the assembly!  We will also continue to undertake functional and imaginative writing, often relating to our topic.  Pupils will also have the opportunity to do some writers’ craft. 

Listening and Talking – we will have lots of opportunities to engage in listening and talking activities this term by working in pairs, groups and by making presentations. 

Topic – Our topic this term is Japan – a comparative study.  We will look at the geography (including natural disasters), climate and culture of the country and compare them to Scotland.  We’re lucky to have a pupil who has just returned from a trip to Japan to be our in-class expert. 

Science – this term our Science topic is forces of gravity a weight. 

HWB – This term we will concentrate on Physical Wellbeing, which will include lessons on hygiene at puberty, immunisation, infection and first aid. 

N.C.C.T – Mrs Relly will be doing problem solving, drama and R.M.E with the class this term. 

Homework – ‘shared Learning at Home’ as been issued to be completed over the first 4 weeks.  I’ve already had some great pieces of homework in.  When this is being completed, pupils will not be asked to write sentences/paragraphs/definitions in their homework jotter but instead, just write their words out three times.  Maths homework will also be issued on a weekly basis from February. 

Thank-you for always ensuring you children come to school well prepared – they really are very organised and it helps the smooth running of the classroom greatly!

If there’s anything you are unsure of, or you have anything you would like to discuss, please contact me at the school.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Mrs Jamieson