Term Two in Primary 4

Term Two in Primary 4


Term Two in Primary 4


Dear parents,

I would like to provide you with information about term two in Primary 4 and give you an insight into what they will be learning.

P.E. Days

P.E. days will remain the same this term on a Wednesday and Thursday. Children will receive P.E. with specialist Miss Barrett on a Wednesday. This term we will be focusing on gymnastics.


Please ensure your child has a PE kit consisting of shorts, t-shirt, socks and appropriate foot wear.  Long hair should be tied up and no jewellery worn on PE days. 




Children will continue to be taught a range of spelling patterns this term.  Please continue to encourage your child to use full stops, capital letters and ensure handwriting is neat. Children will be provided with a grid of suggested activities they can complete at home. These tasks can be completed verbally or in their jotters in preparation for their spelling test on a Friday.


Maths homework will be issued relating to concepts that are being covered in class.


Homework will be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday.




Children will be continuing to read and complete related activities in class through the Bug Club scheme. Reading will be heard in class three times a week. Children have access to their current reading book as well as their previous books through the Bug Club website and will be provided with reading markers to take home to keep parents/carers up to date. I would encourage you to read the books online with your children and talk to them about the plot, characters and any unfamiliar words.


This term children will be focusing on functional writing. We will be looking at writing our own reports and fact files. These pieces of writing will be related to our topic and current events where possible. During writing lessons there will be opportunities to self and peer-assess work to allow children to identify aspects of great writing as well as areas for development.  We will be continuing to develop our use of VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) and identifying these in our writing.

Primary 4 will also be taking a close look at Scots language this term alongside the rest of the school. Our work will culminate in a Scots assembly at the end of January where we will be performing a traditional Scots street game. We will be investigating common Scots street games and using these to help us write our own. We will also look at a piece of Scots text to evaluate the use of language to help us use it in our own pieces of writing.



This term in French we will recap the numbers to 30 and greetings. We will also begin to describe our families and where we live. Children will have the opportunity to use French numbers, days of the week and greetings throughout the school day.






Pupils will continue to enjoy an active approach to their maths this term.  Pupils will engage in a variety of games and activities to reinforce recently taught concepts.






Children will be developing their understanding of money this term. We will be focusing on using coins and notes to pay for specific items and estimating the change we would receive as well as calculating the total cost of many items. Children will have access to plastic coins and notes and lessons will be related to real life experiences to ensure that their learning is visual and relevant.


Addition and Subtraction


Primary 4 will be focusing on addition and subtraction over the coming weeks. Children will be learning a variety of strategies to help them add and subtract numbers such as the use of an empty number line and partitioning numbers. Children will also be encouraged to develop their mental strategies and recalling their number pairs as well as using the formal methods.


Social Studies


Our topic in term two will be Glasgow in the Past and a Significant Individual. We will be learning the Story of St Mungo and how Glasgow has developed into the city that we know today. Children will be able to develop their mapping skills by comparing a map of Glasgow in the past to Glasgow today and how the habits of Glaswegians have changed. They will also be learning about famous Glaswegians and the impact that they have had. There will be opportunities for research and for children to display their learning in a variety of ways. This will also link nicely to our Scots language topic.



Primary 4 will be learning about electrical safety this term. We will be discovering how electricity works as well as how to stay safe when using it.

Alongside this Primary 4 will be taking part in Clyde in the Classroom. Over the next six weeks they will be caring for brown trout eggs in order to release them into the River Clyde. They will be learning about what the brown trout need in order to survive in the hatchery and how they can help this happen. They will also be having a close look at the Clyde and the creatures that live there as well as its history. This is an extremely exciting project and the class are very excited to get started and meet their new fishy classmates!



Primary 4 will be receiving music lessons from a specialist on a Tuesday Morning this term. They will be learning about beats and different instruments and how these all come together to make a song. They are very excited about this opportunity!



Children will be conducting a personal search this term about their hero. They will be looking closely to see what a hero is and how they can impact our lives. They will then conduct research about their own hero to make a PowerPoint about them to share with the class