Visit to the CE centre

Visit to the CE centre

 We visited the Community Education centre in Milngavie to find out more about what happens here.


We were given a tour by the janitor Caroline. She showed us all the different rooms and the facilities that are needed for disabled people. She also showed us the wheel chair lift.


Alison the librarian explained how the books are divided into fiction and non fiction books. She also told us about the Dewey decimal classification. This is a system to help us find non fiction books quickly. We tries to find some of our favourite authors quickly in the library with her help.


We learned about how the centre is timetabled for lots of community use. There are many clubs that use this facility in Milngavie.We were lucky enough to learn all about shell fish from the OAP group the day we visited, we even got to touch the fish !!


It was a very enjoyable visit and helped us to understand how important this building is to the local community.