Welcome to Clober Primary – Primary 4 with Mr Dunford and Mrs Ryman

Welcome to Clober Primary – Primary 4 with Mr Dunford and Mrs Ryman

We would like to provide you with some important information regarding the start-up of the class:

Class Charter

As part of our first topic relating Rights Respecting Schools all pupils agree our Classroom Charter as follows:

We have the right to be health....We have the responsibility to make healthy choices.

We have the right to belong to a group...We have the responsibility to let others join in.

We have the right to say what we think...We have the responsibility to listen to other people.

We have the right to education...We have the responsibility to respect what others do and say.

We have the right to relax and play...We have the responsibility to make sure that others can relax and play.


PE Days

PE sessions for Primary 4 will take place on Tuesday and Thursday.

This term we will also be concentrating on fitness, ball skills and we will also be learning Scottish dances and participating in creative dance.



Your child will be taught many new spelling patterns over the year and the homework will reinforce these. Please remind your child to use full stops, capital letters and ensure handwriting is neat.

Maths homework will also be issued on a regular basis reflecting the topics covered in class. 

Homework will be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. 

Homework for other curricular areas will also be given out throughout the year including research.

Term One in Primary 4

In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning we have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.



Children will be given new words on a Monday and will be asked to complete these for homework activities. They have the opportunity to practise these in the class with a range of interactive spelling activities. Your child will have a spelling book where they will write in any corrections for them to practise as an independent task.


This term our reading comprehension will be initially using the resource: SRA. This helps children to answer a variety of questions and use their word attack strategies. We will also be starting a novel study in October. With the class novel study children will participate in up to three sessions of reciprocal reading per week. Your child may also bring this novel home from time to time. Please remind them not to read on past allocated pages as it can spoil discussion on prediction. During reciprocal reading we will also be using a variety of stimulating texts. Through these texts and participation in reciprocal reading tasks, children will learn skills of clarifying, questioning, predicting and summarising. 

In class children will also participate in big book lessons. Through big books children will have an opportunity to practise their word attack, questioning and comprehension skills.   It is such a great stimulus that writing will often follow a big book reading lesson.



This term children will have the opportunity to complete pieces of personal, imaginative and functional writing. During writing lessons children will have the opportunity to self and peer-assess work to allow them to identify aspects of great writing and areas for development.  We are concentrating mainly on improving the use of VCOP in our writing and the skills required to research Human Rights Activists (note taking, letter writing and report writing).

Listening and Talking

We will be taking part in lots of activities to help our listening and talking skills.


Children this year will be studying French in the form of a structured lesson and also throughout daily class routines.


This term pupils will enjoy an active approach to their maths. To complement their written work, pupils will also participate in a variety of games to reinforce a recently-taught concept. 

Numbers to 10 000

Children will become familiar with numbers up to and beyond 1000 and will become familiar with the following:

·         Place value of three and four-digit numbers

·         Ordering and comparing three and four-digit numbers

·         Multiples of 10 and multiples of 100

·         Rounding to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred

·         Identify and continue number patterns – eg 1256, 1276, 1296, 1316

·         Recognise and use the symbols < and > to compare numbers

·         Recognise and use = and  to complete a mathematical statement


- Compare and order simple fractions 1/4, 1/2, 1/10 and in some cases 1/5

- Create, identify and discuss 1/4 and 1/5 of shapes and amounts


Children will learn how to:

·         Compare a wide variety of 2D and 3D shapes and discuss their properties.

We will also be looking at symmetry and carrying out Problem Solving tasks relating to different mathematical concepts.


Social Studies

Rights Respecting

This term children will focus on the Rights Respecting topic. We will be looking at UNICEF and the ‘Rights of the Child’. We will also be taking on the ‘Sponsor a Child’ initiative which has already been started within the school.

Science and Technologies

Science and Technology is closely linked to the social studies topic. In addition, this term’s science topic’s are Electricity, Sound and Heating & Cooling. We will be learning about the uses and sources of electricity and will learn how to build a circuit. In Technology we will research famous Human Rights Activists and create multimedia presentations about what we find out. We will also be learning how to enter and edit text in Microsoft word / Powerpoint and how to enhance text with images.

Expressive Arts: 


We will be linking our art work to other areas of the curriculum. We will be focusing on drawing and painting this term.


We will be learning about roles and performing to an audience.


We will be learning a variety of songs and will be focusing on rhythm and using percussion. We will also be preparing for our 50th birthday celebrations.

Religious and Moral Education

Our topic this term is Joseph and is part of the school's Christianity programme.  We will learn the story of Joseph and will get involved in a variety of discussions and activities. 

Health and Wellbeing

Better Behaviour Better Learning

Children have really enjoyed this topic. During this topic we have learned about: The school’s aims and values, classroom safety and rules, fire safety and have enjoyed setting targets in our learning journey for this year.

Road Safety

We will learn how to identify things that can keep us safe when out walking and will learn how to plan a safe route to school.

Internet Safety

We will learn to show an awareness of ways of keeping safe when using the internet and discuss good practice when using the internet.  Look particularly at terms and conditions, who we should ask before using the internet, how we can use our emotions to keep us safe and the characteristics of trustworthy people.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.

Mr Dunford & Mrs Ryman


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