Welcome to P2/3

Welcome to P2/3

 Welcome to Primary 2/3!

We are Miss Young and Mrs Relly and we are really enjoying working with the pupils in this class.

Term 1


Our Class Charter

At the beginning of term the class discussed and agreed upon our Class Charter. The Class Charter helps us remember how to behave properly towards each other in class and throughout the school day. Everybody in class has signed the charter, so we all agree to follow it throughout the school year.


PE Days

PE sessions for Primary 2/3 will take place on Tuesday after break with Miss Young and Friday afternoon with Mrs Relly. Could you please ensure your child has a change of t-shirt or polo shirt and a pair of shorts for gym, as they do get very active! We also request if possible that your child be provided with an outdoor PE kit. This includes joggers, a long-sleeved top and a pair of trainers. This will make outdoor PE lessons more comfortable in the colder weather.

Gym kits will be sent home at the end of each term but children are allowed to take them home more frequently if you wish.



Homework for each week will be as follows:

Monday – Spelling, Phonics and Reading

Tuesday – Spelling, Phonics and Reading

Wednesday – Spelling (P3s only),  Phonics and Numeracy (as and when required)

Thursday – Phonics, Spelling (revise words for spelling test), Reading, Research (as and when required)


For P2, Spelling words are given on Monday and Tuesday. Primary 3 have spelling words on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Children should write the words out 3 times.

Primary 2s should write one sentence each night using one of their spelling words.

Primary 3s should write three sentences each night using three of their spelling words. 


Reading homework takes the form of reading book or follow up work (Link Up for P2s, GINN Skills for P3s) - please see reading marker for information.


Phonics words can be found in the booklet, marked for each week.


Maths and research will be given as and when required and should be completed in the yellow jotter.


We really appreciate your help with your child's homework! Please sign all homework given to show your approval. Spelling test jotters will be sent home on a Friday to keep you updated of your child’s progress. Please return this each Monday signed.


What Are We Learning?

Here is a short description of what P2/3 are learning about in each of the curricular areas.


Our Class Topics

Our first short topic this term looked at ‘Rights Respecting Schools’. The class learned about the links between rights and responsibilities and we discussed how to respect each other’s rights in school. We also learned about staying safe. We learned about what to do in an emergency, such as how to treat someone if they are unconscious. We also revised the Green Cross Code and now we know how to the cross the road safely at all times. The class learned about staying safe online with the help of ‘Hector’s World’. The children enjoyed watching this cartoon and learning about the danger of giving personal information out on the internet.

Our main topic for this term is ‘Looking after a Pet’. The class have already been learning about animal rights and the basic things that pets need to survive and live well. We have created information posters for different animals and we have explored the ‘five freedoms’ of an animal through drama. We will continue to learn about specific pet care throughout the term and will be learning more about different types of pets. We will also be learning about some of the children’s pets, but don’t worry- the children don’t need to have a pet to enjoy and learn in this topic!



This term our focus will be on leaves. The class have been going outside to gather different types of leaves in the playground. In class we are learning to compare and categorise leaves. The children have lots of questions about leaves so we will be investigating in class to see if we can answer them!



The class are learning how to write letters in their writing lessons. P2s are focusing on writing a clear message to the reader and making sure our letter has a clear purpose. P3s are also writing clear messages, and they are learning how to set out their letters properly (address written in the correct place etc.) Throughout the term the class will focus on functional writing by creating information pamphlets on how to look after pets. We will also be working on our personal writing during news time.


Book of the Week

This is a short session once a week in which the children discuss and evaluate two stories they have heard during story time that week. This develops their skills in analysing texts and their comprehension skills. They are also learning how to justify their opinions, for example if they preferred one story to another they must say why.



This term our focus in Grammar is on capital letters/full stops, sentences/sequencing, the alphabet (using letter names), rhyme, singular/plural and nouns.




The P2s have been working hard at their numbers to 100 are a getting very good at counting in twos and tens.  We are currently working on place value to 100 and are learning to indentify the tens and units in a number. Later this term we will be moving on to addition and subtraction to 20 and beyond.


The P3s have also been working hard on their counting. They have been working with numbers to 1000. We have been revising counting in twos and threes and have made links to the two and three times table. The P3s have been learning about place value beyond 100 and are learning to identify the hundreds tens and units within a number. Later this term we will be learning about formal addition and subtraction beyond 100.


The class have also been working on 2D and 3D shapes. They have been learning new shapes and learning how to identify them.


Health and Wellbeing

The class will be discussing ‘Friendship’ in circle time this term. This is an important topic for this class as we have all come from different classes and are getting to know our new classmates.

In P.E the children have be getting active by learning new games and increasing their fitness working on different circuits. We have now started working on developing our ball skills.



This term the children are learning about welcoming a baby in different religions. They have R.E on Thursdays with Mrs Law.



In ICT P2/3 will revise logging on and logging off. We will also opening, using and closing programs. We will also use ICT to help us research information for our topic.


In technology the children will develop their design skills with a partner by designing and making homes for a pet of their choice.


Expressive Arts


Music – P2/3 enjoy singing the register with Miss Young and are learning to identify if the notes go up or down when we sing. We have also been learning to clap and maintain the rhythm while we sing. The class have already taken part in performance through the 50th Anniversary Celebrations and the Rookie Rockstars Concert, which they really enjoyed! They will also be taking part in the Christmas concert.


Art – So far this term the children have created brilliant collages using lots of different materials. We will also be looking at making leaf and bark rubbings, as well as printing using different Autumnal objects.


Drama – The children have been working on creating ‘freeze frames’ and miming in drama. This has been explored using our topic on Pets for inspiration. 

We have had a busy and interesting term so far and we look forward to all the activities we will be doing in the run up to Christmas!

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!


Miss Young and Mrs Relly