Welcome to P5 !

Welcome to P5 !


Dear Parents,

 Welcome to Clober Primary – Primary 5.

 Firstly I would like to introduce myself as your child’s class teacher for this year. My name is Ms Dayer and I am looking forward to working with the Primary 5 pupils.

 I would like to provide you with some important information regarding the start-up of the class:

 Our Class Charter

As part of our first topic relating to Rights Respecting Schools all pupils agree our classroom charter. This code of conduct will be displayed in the classroom and on our class website. We are focussing on 6 rights and responsibilities from the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child.

 PE Days

PE sessions for Primary 5 will take place on Thursdays and Fridays. We are very lucky to have a P.E. specialist in our school called Miss Barratt. 

 Things to bring to class

It would be very helpful if you could provide the following equipment for your child:

2 sharp pencils

1 rubber

1short/long ruler

colouring pens/pencils

glue stick (e.g. pritt stick)


Please check each week that your child still has this equipment.


A variety of homework will be issued on a Monday and allows the children an opportunity to consolidate their learning in class. It should be returned to school on Fridays. The work consists of spelling, literacy, number, research, current affairs and reading for enjoyment. I will try not to give too much as I realise the children have many other activities to do after the school day.

Please make sure their jotter is covered as it is going home in the school bag weekly.

Term One in Primary 5

In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning I have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.

Social Studies:  

We will begin with a short two week “Rights Respecting Schools” topic where the children will together decide on our class charter and wet weather charter. There will be a practise of the fire drill and the children will be learning how to keep themselves safe in school and at home if a fire were to break out. We will also discuss road safety and stranger danger. We will learn how to save lives by using the Heartstart dummies to practice CPR and abdominal thrusts. We will learn how to put someone into the recovery position and how to deal with serious bleeding, choking and even a suspected heart attack!

The rest of the term will be spent on a “people in society” topic called ‘Community Resilience’ where we look at the needs of the community and how it would cope with various disasters. We will be using our technology skills to build flood defences and various alarm systems.

We will visit the CE centre and have a good look around to see the facilities it has to offer the community. As part of this visit we will also go to the library and be shown how the books are organised.


This term we will concentrate on imaginative writing and using description to enhance our stories. We will focus on using a variety of openers and good joining words to link sentences together. The children will have their own individual writing targets. We will look at the reciprocal reading roles of clarifier, summariser, leader and recorder and use these strategies to study various articles. The intervention books called ‘The Weaving Contest’ and ‘Snow White in New York’ will be studied in detail. We will also read the weekly newspaper specially written for pupils called “First News” and discuss the content of various articles.

We will revise nouns, verbs, adjectives and punctuation.

Exploring number and beyond number:

We will look at number patterns, place value, rounding and ordering numbers within hundreds of thousands. We will also be working on 3D shape and reading and writing time. We will also look at different ways of storing information e.g. bar/line graphs, Venn diagrams, etc.  Children will be supported or extended as required.


We will be investigating friction this term. There will be many practical opportunities for experiments as we will use ramps, parachutes and even jars of rice to find out what friction is and how it can be increased/ decreased. We will learn to use the terms air resistance and streamlining when we investigate shapes of vehicles etc.P5 will also study body systems and cells. We will find out how our digestive system works and the job our lungs do to help us stay healthy. We will understand the role of the brain and respiratory system after completing various activities. I hope the children will enjoy the variety of work I have planned.


We will be looking at how Christians believe sin originated and how it affects our lives. We will be learning about different types of suffering and how it may be eased. We will also be learning about temptation, choices and how our actions may affect others.

Expressive Arts:

In Music the children will have the chance to concentrate on shape, structure and form. We will study upward and downward melodies.

In Art this term will be experimenting with the technique of printing and collage.

In PE the children will be working on fitness and improving their stamina.They will also be involved in ball skills and dance towards Christmas.

In Drama the children will have the opportunity to express themselves by using facial expressions and mime. The theme will be Scotland and the stimulus we are using is Grayfriar’s Bobby and loch Lomond.

There are many other activities your child will be involved in, too many to list, but hopefully you will hear of these from your child!

With best wishes,

Ms Dayer