Welcome to Primary 2b

Welcome to Primary 2b


Welcome to Primary 2b!

We are Mr Cahill and Mrs Ryman and we are really looking forward to working with the pupils this year. Please have a look below to see what we will be learning in Term 1.


Our Class Charter

For the first two weeks of term we have been working on the topic “Rights Respecting Schools” and as a part of this we have created a class charter. The children have come up with the rights and responsibilities that they feel are the most important in school life.


Below are a few general routines that you may wish to take note of:

   P.E. Days

P.E. sessions for Primary 2B will take place on Monday afternoon with Mr Cahill and Wednesday morning with Miss Barrett, our school’s P.E. specialist.

Could you please ensure your child has a change of t-shirt/polo shirt and a pair of shorts for P.E., as they do get very active! P.E. kits will be sent home at the end of each term but should you wish them sent home more frequently please inform us by letter.

Supplies to bring to class

It would be helpful if you could provide the following labelled equipment for your child:

    2 sharp pencils

    1 rubber

Please check each week that your child still has this equipment and pencils are sharp. This all helps with the smooth running of the classroom - thank you for your support with this!


    -        Homework

Homework for each week will be as follows:

Monday – Spelling, Phonics, Reading, Maths/other curricular areas (when applicable)

Tuesday – Spelling, Phonics and Reading

Wednesday – Spelling, Phonics and Reading

Thursday – Spelling (revise words for spelling test), Phonics, Reading


Spelling words are given on a Monday and Tuesday. Children should write the words out 3 times and write one sentence each night, in their spelling homework jotter. They should aim to learn their words for Friday's spelling test.

Reading homework takes the form of reading book or follow up work (Link Up) - please see reading marker for information.


Phonics words can be found in the booklet, marked for each week.


Maths and research will be given as and when required and should be completed in either the homework jotter.


We really appreciate your help with your child's homework! Please sign all homework given to show your approval. Spelling test jotters will be sent home on a Friday to keep you updated of your child’s progress. Please return this each Monday signed.


Curricular areas

In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning I have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.


Social Studies

A short two week “Rights Respecting Schools ” topic where the children will together decide on class rules and wet weather rules. There will be a practise of the fire drill and the children will be working on general safety, ‘all about me’ the green cross code, making a 999 call and stranger danger. They will also learn about internet safety and how to keep safe. It would be most helpful if you could help your child learn their address and telephone number in case of an emergency.

Over the course of Term 1, the children will take part in a “People in society” topic called “People who help us in the community”. We will be investigating jobs and responsibilities in our local community, the emergency services (and what to do in the event of an emergency), and how the community works together.

During this study, we plan to invite guest speakers into Clober to speak to the Primary 2’s, sharing what they do in the community.



This term our focus will be on living/non-living things and senses. The children will be learning through a range of activities, including field walks, class experiments and group mini-projects.



In Primary 2, the children will continue to work on their spelling, reading, handwriting, and phonics.


Over the course of the first term the children will be developing knowledge in the following key areas:

•       Use of vocabulary, connectives, sentence openers, and punctuation to make sentences more varied and interesting.

•       Development of writing ability in personal, imaginative and functional writing pieces.

•       Progressing story writing to include; When? Where? What? Who? How? 


In Primary 2 we will be using a programme called Heinemann Active Maths, which follows an active approach to maths teaching and learning to really engage the children. During maths lessons, alongside traditional teaching methods, the children will use a variety of resources and games to develop and consolidate their understanding of maths concepts.

Over the course of the first term the children will be learning about the following concepts in number work:


•       Number bonds to 10, 20

•       Order of items (1st, 2nd…)

•       Place value (Hundreds, tens, units)

•       Ordering numbers

•       Use of symbols to compare numbers (= > <)

•       Rounding numbers

•       Time

•       Measure

Health / RME

In Health we will be focusing on keeping healthy through hand washing before eating, healthy foods and talking about our feelings in circle time.

The children will be exploring stories from Christianity and other world religions, where they will learn about the key beliefs in these religions.


During the first term, the children will be developing their understanding of some of the basic commands in a computer; logging in, printing, etc. After this, Primary 2 will be developing their skills in word processing, PowerPoint presentations, internet search engines, and more.


In technology the children will explore a variety of paper-work techniques, including cutting, covering items using paper and constructing 3D models.


Expressive Arts


Music - During Term 1, the children will be developing their skills in keeping rhythm and finding a beat through the use of various percussive instruments. They will also explore pitch and tone through a range of singing activities.


Art - The children will produce pieces of art work using a variety of techniques, including printing, collage, colour mixing, use of pattern/lines/shading, and more.


P.E. - Over the course of Term 1, the children will be working on three key areas; fitness, ball skills and dance. During the first six weeks, we will be carrying out circuits where the children will move round different stations doing different exercises and relay races where children will work together as a team using different equipment.


Drama - The children will be using their imagination to explore mime and movement in a variety of scenarios. Our aim is to develop the children’s confidence and skills in creating and presenting drama which explores real and imaginary situations, through improvisation and script.


There are many other areas we will be learning and this is just a flavour of some of the activities. If you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the school office and we would be happy to be of assistance.