What Primary 4/5 Are Learning In Term 1

What Primary 4/5 Are Learning In Term 1

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Clober Primary 4/5.

Firstly I would like to introduce myself as your child’s class teacher for this year. My name is Mrs Greer and I am looking forward to working with the Primary4/ 5 pupils.

I would like to provide you with some important information regarding the start-up of the class:

Our Class Charter


As part of our first topic relating to Rights Respecting Schools all pupils made up rules on behaviour expected and we wrote our class charter. This charter will be displayed in the school corridor, classroom and on our class website.


PE Days

PE sessions for Primary 4/5 will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please ensure your child has shorts, t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear.  Hair should be tied up and no jewellery worn on gym days.  Also as we start our Christmas rehearsals in November, it would be really helpful if your child could bring an outdoor PE kit as we will need to do PE outside as the hall will be in use.  Thank you for your support with this.


Things to bring to class

It would be helpful if you could provide the following equipment for your child:

2 sharp pencils

1 rubber

1short/long ruler

Colouring pens/pencils (sharp ready to be used)

glue stick (e.g. pritt stick)

Please check each week that your child still has this equipment.



Spelling Homework

This will be given out on a Monday with a sheet at the front of the jotter explaining the spelling activities to be completed each night.  This means that your child can plan their homework around their extracurricular activities.


This will be issued each Monday to be completed by Friday and it will vary depending on what your child is focusing on each week. 


This will also be issued on a Monday but sometimes throughout the week and the pages to be read will be written on a reading marker.

·   Primary four children will have their core reading as well as a reciprocal novel study. Please sign their marker to show you have heard them read.

·   Primary five children will have their reciprocal novel study but I would also expect them to have their own novel for enjoyment.  They can read this from home or the school library.  They will complete a book review on completion of their novels. Please sign their marker to show you have heard them read.


Research/Current Affairs

In addition to this Research will be issued as and when required.  Primary 5 children will complete current affairs each week when there is no research issued. 


Term One in Primary 4/5

In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning I have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.


Social Studies:  

We will begin with a short two week “Rights Respecting Schools’ topic where the children will together decide on class  and wet weather charters. There will be a practice of the fire drill and the children will be learning how to keep themselves safe around roads and strangers. We will learn how to save lives by using the Heartstart dummies to practice CPR and abdominal thrusts. We will learn how to put someone into the recovery position and how to deal with serious bleeding, choking and even a suspected heart attack!

The rest of the term will be spent on a “people in society” topic called ‘Charities’ where we look at the different types of charities and the various causes they support.  We will then see how a charity works first hand by running our own events such as a ‘MacMillan Coffee Morning’, ‘Children In Need’ and making Christmas cards and crackers for the homeless to help ‘Glasgow City Mission’.

During World of Work week we have got two visitors coming in to speak to us.  We have Sara Murray from the NSPCC and Mrs Neil from ‘Glasgow City Mission’.  I’m sure we will gain a lot of insight into how charities operate.  This topic sounds very exciting with lots of opportunities for real life learning skills. 


This term we will concentrate on imaginative and functional writing. We will focus on our punctuation, openers, connectives and ambitious vocabulary (VCOP).  We will up level our sentences to make them more interesting. In imaginative writing we will be adding extra detail to liven up and enhance our stories. We will focus on using good VCOP to make our writing better and we can do this through peer and self assessment.


·   Primary 4 will revise nouns, verbs, adjectives, questions and punctuation.

·   Primary 5 will look at Parts of Speech (nouns, verbs and adjectives), Common and Proper Nouns, Verbs (doing and being), Subjects and Verbs, Singular and Plural, Exclamation Marks and Verb tenses (past and present).



Primary 4

We will look at number patterns, place value, more than/less than, rounding and ordering numbers up to tens of thousands. We will also look at addition and subtraction using a number line, adding several small numbers and improving mental addition and subtraction strategies.  We will also be working on 3D shape and reading and writing time. Children will be supported or extended as required.

Primary 5

We will look at number patterns, place value, rounding and ordering numbers within hundreds of thousands. Then we will look at multiplication and division of tables 2-10 and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We will also be working on 3D shape and reading and writing time. Children will be supported or extended as required.


In ICT we will be focusing on our word processing skills, opening and closing a document, inserting a text box, a picture, a table etc.  We will look at the tools to resize a picture or crop it or rotate it and word art.


In technology we will be using Crystal ICT, making a presentation and using a database.


In science we are looking at the life of an astronaut using the International Space Station Education Pack, Solubility and Hot and Cold.


We will be looking at Hinduism and in particular Raksha Bandhan, where we will make bracelets out of wool.  We will also look at the Nativity, making Christmas cards and crackers which we will give to the homeless people in Glasgow City Mission.


Expressive Arts:



In Music the children will have the chance to concentrate on composing melodies, rhythms and playing percussion alongside tunefully. We will also be learning some songs from the 70s and 80s as part of our 50th birthday celebrations and ‘Rookie Rock Stars’ will be teaching us songs for our 50th Concert.  Lots to look forward to...


In Art this term will be looking at the work of Georges Seurat and using his technique of pointillism to express ourselves through art. We will be experimenting with mixing paint to produce a variety of colours and use these in our art work as well as focusing on drawing, using pencil, pen and charcoal.



In PE the children will be working on fitness and improving their stamina. After October we will focus on ball skills and dancing.


In Drama the children will have the opportunity to express themselves by using facial expressions and clear mime. They will take on a role, work well with a partner and express themselves in their body movements showing dramatic tension.


There are many other activities your child will be involved in, too many to list, but hopefully you will hear of these from your child! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above and I will be happy to help.

With best wishes,


Mrs Greer