What We Are Learning In P3b

What We Are Learning In P3b


What we are doing in P3b

Term 1


In writing we will be covering all the genres. We will undertake personal writing using the children’s own experiences, such as visiting the dentist or going to a birthday party. For functional writing we will look at firework safety, writing letters and writing instructions. We we will also explore poetry writing.

In grammar and punctuation we will be working on answering questions in sentences and using alphabetical order to find or sort words. We will be able to identify nouns and adjectives and use them to enrich our writing. We will be doing comprehension activities to show our understanding of different genres of writing,

We will read and discuss our reading books regularly in class and the reading homework will be displayed clearly on your child’s reading marker. This should be signed once completed at home.




Heinemann Active Maths is the first activity–led maths programme, created specifically for Scottish schools, with the Curriculum for Excellence and Active Learning at its heart. We will be exploring numbers to both 100 and 1000 and the significance of the value of each digit. We will be counting on and back in steps of 1, 10 and 100. We will be recording numbers using digits and words.

Primary 3 will also be learning about Infomation Handling by exploring pictograms, tree, Carroll and Venn diagrams. We will be working on telling the time in quarter hour internvals. We will be working on the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables which will lead on to division and fractions later in the year.


Health and Wellbeing

In Health and Wellbeing we will learn the importance of good hand hygiene. We will discuss stranger danger and internet safety.

We will also examine what being a good friend should look and sound like. In PE our focus is on Fitness and Ball Skills.



P3 will explore the traditions of Harvest and take part in a whole school Harvest Assembly. We will also be looking at how we treat others and how to make a good impression.


Social Studies

At the start of term we will focus on how better behaviour improves our learning. We will base this around being a Rights Respecting School and the pupils will explore their rights and the associated responsibilities. The children will create and sign a class charter that will hopefully encourage good behaviour. In addition we will practise our emergency evacuation drill and explore road safety. We will use Heartstart to discover how to put a casualty into the recovery position and practise how to contact the emergency services.

Following this topic, our focus will be on the Romans. All children will work co-operatively within a small group to produce a ‘Big Book’ containing all the information that they have learned about life during Roman times.




We will be looking at the properties of magnets through investigation and experimentation. We will discover how they are used in everyday life and possibly make our own magnetic games. Primary 3 will also be learning about food chains.




In art we will focus on drawing skills and creating landscapes. We will experiment with the use of line, shape, colour, texture and pattern, through observational drawings. We will create drawings of fields, trees and leaves and look at the mixing of colours.




Frequent use of the keyboard to increase speed is our main aim this term. The children will use maths games to reinforce what they are learning about in class and will practise opening a document, adding text and pictures, saving the file and being able to retrieve it.