What We Are Learning in Term 2

What We Are Learning in Term 2


Welcome back to Term 2!

We hope you all had a relaxing break.

 We are looking forward to a busy term ahead.
 We can't wait for the Euroquiz!
We’re also excited about the topics we will be studying in term 2. These are Scots language and Fairtrade. We will also be participating in Finance Week and Cultural Diversity Week.



Primary 6 will continue to have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays


The class will be beginning the shared learning tasks as part of their homework. A total of 8 tasks must be completed by the end of the 4 week block and the children should bring what they have done to class on a Friday.


Reading – We will be reading The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird and be building on our comprehension skills through lots of novel study lessons.

We will then move onto personal choice books to work on within our reading groups. 


We will be continuing to include detailed descriptions in our writing. We will be focussing on functional, imaginative and poetry writing. We will be continuing to up level our writing through trying to use a variety of connectives and openers to make our writing more interesting. We will also be starting to self assess our writing and set our own targets for our next piece.

Talking / Listening – We are currently looking at stories in the news and discussing the main points from this. We are trying to also give our opinions. We will also be focussing on note taking as part of listening, and using our notes for specific tasks.   


Number and Money-

We will be looking at:

·         Mental multiplication (2 digits by 50 and 25)

·         Mental division of 2 and 3 digits (including remainders)

·         Written division of up to 4 digits

·         Information handling

·         Using a formula to calculate the area of a rectangle


We will be looking at:

·         Drawing 2D shapes

·         Types of triangles and angles within these

·         Area of a triangle

·         Scale drawings to interpret to draw maps and solve problems

Health and Wellbeing

During this term we will be looking at:

·         Brain training – learning how the brain grows, how the brain responds to the    environment around them by responding to new tastes, sounds and smells

·           Developing new skills and deal with new challenges

·           Learning a technique in which we concentrate on our breathing and focus on the present moment


We will be focussing on:

·           Scottish Country Dancing

·           Gymnastics



Social Studies

·        Scots Language

·        Fairtrade


·        Using ICT to enhance learning in social studies and science (through research)

·        Impact of technologies in terms of communication


We will be focussing on:

·        The Earth’s materials

·        Floating and sinking


Expressive Arts

Art –

·         Observational drawings

·         3D media

·         Printing


Our Drama this term will focus on making up our own short scene in groups based on the script ‘Dirty Harry’.


Our music will involve:

·         Composing melodies

·         Recognising tone

·         Listening attentively

Religious and Moral Education

RE this term will focus on the religion of Christianity:

·        The importance of the bible to Christians

·        Christian stories/parables

·        Beliefs about God

·        Sacred places and symbols

·        Christian’s moral values and attitudes