What We are Doing in Term 2

What We are Doing in Term 2

 What we are learning in P3b

Term 2



In writing we will be using Roald Dahl’s “The Twits” as a stimulus for creating character profiles, rewriting a chapter and creating our own chapter.  We will also concentrate on imaginative texts and will create our own chapter story over a few weeks which we look forward to sharing with you.  We will continue to embed simple punctuation by using capital letters and full stops and connectives such as: ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘but’ and ‘so ‘in several sentences. The children will be encouraged to use ‘WOW’ words which stretch their vocabulary (for example, instead of ‘nice’ use ‘delicious’, ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’, etc.). We will also be focusing on nouns, verbs and adjectives.


We will continue to progress through our reading scheme Bug Club.  The children have been very enthusiastic about this resource and have loved using it so far.  There will be opportunities provided for group, paired and individual reading to embed the understanding of the texts.


As part of our Scots Language focus, Primary 3 will be learning the Scots names for items of clothing and parts of the body.  There has already been much hilarity regarding bahookies and oxters so hopefully the children will enjoy these activities!

Primary 3 will be learning to write using joins and they are very excited about this.  We will be encouraging the children to use correct pencil grip and apply the joins that they have been taught at all times, including for homework. 



In number work we will be adding and subtracting mentally and using strategies to help us with this.  We will also be using the standard method of addition and subtraction to calculate answers.  As much practise of number bonds to 20 will really help, so we would be delighted if this could be practised informally at home by just asking a few questions.

We will be working on multiplication. We will learn the 3 and 4 times tables to add to the 2,5 and 10 we should already know.  We will use a variety of songs, games, metal maths and problem solving to learn them.  After this we will use this knowledge to work on division.


Health and Wellbeing

We will be learning about Physical Wellbeing including the importance of looking after our teeth and the environment around us.

Through the PATHS lesson we will continue with looking at emotions.  This will involve describing, recognising, demonstrating and examining emotions. 



P3 will explore “Ways of Life” in which we will learn about Jewish artefacts and why they are important.  This will include making our own dreidel and prayer beads.



Our topic this term will be ‘Scotland and Other Lands’.  We will investigate the geography of Scotland and compare this to another country, Malawi.  We will explore Global Citizenship and how we are all part of one world.



We will be looking at Dissolving (which substances are soluble and insoluble) and simple FoodChains.




Art, Drama Music and PE:

Our focus in art will be drawing, painting and working with fabric to create collages.  In drama we will be exploring characters in group plays and for music we will be working on rhythm and pattern.  Primary 3 will be focusing on gymnastics and ball skills in PE. 



We will continue to develop our keyboard skills this term and use maths games to reinforce what they are learning about in class.