What we are Learning in Term 1

What we are Learning in Term 1


Literacy- Term 1  

Reading – We are currently studying our class novel ‘The Amazing story of Adolphus Tip’. We are using our Reciprocal Reading strategies in order to develop key skills within Literacy and Language. This term we will focus on open ended questioning. We are also developing the skills of summarising and predicting at key stages throughout the novel.

Writing – We have been focussing on detailed character and setting descriptions this term. During writing we are focusing on the use of descriptive language and using interesting (VCOP) Vocabulary, Connective, Openers and Punctuation to up level and develop our writing skills!

Talking / Listening – We are using our class novel for group discussion. Later in the term we will look at the news and discuss the main points from this in order to develop our skills in giving our own opinion.


Numeracy - Term 1  

We will be doing been doing a lot of work on place value and number processes.

Number, Money & Measurement -

We will be looking at:

·                 Large numbers (up to 6 and seven digits).

·                 Place value, sequencing, and mental addition and subtraction with these numbers.

·                 Fractions – improper, mixed numbers. Ordering and comparing.

·                 Co-ordinates and using them to design our own pictures.


We will be looking at:

·                 3D shape properties and their nets

·                 Identifying angle types (obtuse, reflect, straight, acute and right)

·                 Working out missing angles using angle knowledge

·                 Compass points and 3 figure bearings 

The BBC website offers maths questions based around the topics we will cover this year. Click the link below to have a look.


Social Studies - Term 1

Our topic this term is World War II. We will carry out research on this area and undertake a number of activities related to key themes from World War II. We would be delighted to hear from any Grandparents / Great Grandparents who would be willing to come in and talk about some of their experiences during the war.

This topic also links well to our Reciprocal Reading novel and as a result a lot of cross curricular work will be done using World War II as a theme.

Health and Wellbeing

During this term we will be looking at:

·          Safety issues such as rules, safety within school and road safety (through our ‘Better behaviour, better learning’ topic)

·         Our mental wellbeing – looking at self esteem, our hopes and fears and friendships.

·         And our social wellbeing – individual targets, integrity and being an individual.



We will be focussing on ball games and fitness during term 1.

Social Studies

·        Rights Respecting School

·        World War II


·        Using ICT to enhance learning in social studies and science through research.


We will be focussing on 2 topics this term:

·       The Structure of the Earth

·        Sound

Expressive Arts


·         Working with line, tone, texture and pattern to produce a piece of art.

·         Designing logos and lettering (linked with social studies work)

·         Using oil pastels/paint to create art scenes


Our Drama this term will focus on making up our own short scene in groups.


Our music will involve listening out for specific moods that are reflected in a piece of music. And looking and how melodies are organised within a piece of music. In addition, we will be taking part in a great deal of singing in preparation for our school Christmas show.

Religious and Moral Education

RE this term will focus on the religion of Hinduism:

·      Krishna

·      Preparation for festivals

·      Holi Festival