What we are Learning in term 3

What we are Learning in term 3

 What we are learning in Term 3

What we are learning in Term 3

Welcome back Primary 7.  Your last term in Clober Primary School!  What a quick year it’s been!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and have relaxed after a busy week at Ardmay.  I will outline some of the learning that you will be involved in this final term.


This term we will continue our work on decimals, fractions and percentages.  We will be learning how to do calculations with decimals and will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them.  Our work with fractions will include ordering and simplifying fractions, working out fractions of numbers and learning how to convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction and vice versa.  We will also be learning about the link between fractions, decimals and percentages and will find percentages of quantities.  We will also be learning about time using 24h clocks, timetables, hours and minutes.  Towards the end of the term we will complete a unit of work on measure and will be learning about length, weight and volume. 


This term our novel study will be a whole class novel and will be ‘I am David’.  There will be lots of opportunity for your child to ask and answer questions, summarise chapters and predict what may happen next.  As usual, your child will be given reading homework form this novel.  The spelling programme will continue and pupils will bring home words on a Monday and complete a spelling test on Friday.  There will be lots of writing opportunities that present themselves from the novel but we will also continue to complete functional, imaginative, personal and writer’s craft pieces, many which will be linked to the Social Studies topic. 

Social Studies

Our topic this term is ‘Timeline of Scottish History’ where pupils will learn about key events that has shaped Scotland.


This term the focus for Science is inheritance and topical science.

Health and Wellbeing

We will continue to have 2 hours of P.E a week and look forward to starting the daily mile.  Please make sure all P.E clothes are labelled.  We will also be completing a series of ‘Mindfulness’ lessons as well as our sexual health and moving on programme of work.  We will be continuing to make the most of this beautiful sunny weather and doing a mile run each Wednesday morning.  Please come to school in your outside P.E kit and ready to run.


Mrs Relly will continue to teach R.M.E to the pupils.


If you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.


Kind regards


Rebecca Jamieson