What we are learning in Term 2

What we are learning in Term 2

Welcome to term 2 in Primary 2


I would like to provide you with some important information regarding the learning planned for term 2:


Our Class Charter


We are still using our class charter to promote positive behaviour. These are displayed in the classroom and around the school.


PE Days:


PE sessions for primary 2 will take place on Tuesdays with Mrs Law and Thursday with myself. Could you ensure your child has a change of t-shirt or polo shirt and a pair of shorts for gym, as they do get very active. Gym kits will be sent home at the end of each term but should you wish them home more often please inform us by letter.


Equipment to bring to class:


It would be helpful if you could provide the following named equipment for your child:


  • 2 sharp pencils

  • 1 rubber

  • 1short/long ruler

  • colouring pencils/crayons



Please check each week that your child still has this equipment and pencils are sharp. This all helps with the smooth running of the classroom. Thank you for your support with this.




Shared Learning:


In January as part of our Scots topic we will be focusing on our shared learning at home. Reading, spelling and phonics homework will continue as normal but maths and research will resume in February. Please return shared learning homework each Friday in the month of January, clearly name, so we can display the wonderful work.


Homework for each week will usually consist of:


  • Spelling/Phonics (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Maths (Wednesday as required)

  • Research (Thursday as required)

  • Reading (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)


Please sign all homework given to show your approval. Spelling jotters will be sent home on a Friday to keep you updated of your child's progress. Please return this each Monday signed.


Curricular areas


In order to involve you as much as possible in your child's learning I have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.


Environmental Studies:


Our social studies topic this term starts off with our Scots topic where we will be looking at Scots names for animals and using Scots adjectives to describe them. We will also be listening to Scots music and reading a wide variety of stories. We will be learning a Scottish Ceilidh for our Scots assembly at the end of January when you will be invited to join us in the celebrations.


Our main topic is Food and Farming in our local area. During this topic we will research different types of farm animals, find out how food is grown and the process of farm to fork. We are going on an educational trip to Dobbies Garden Centre which will enhance our learning for our topic.




In science our focus will be on plants. We will be focussing on what plants need to grow and looking at plants that grow locally. We will carry out a range of experiments including planting our very own seeds which also links to our social studies topic.




In writing we will concentrate on adding more detail to our writing by using adjectives and connectives. In reading we will learn to explain why we prefer certain texts and authors and we will try to read a variety of different texts. In grammar we will be focusing on nouns, verbs and adjectives.




In maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction within 20. We will also learn about using non standard units and build on our skills from Primary 1. We will also be focusing on capacity, weight and area.




In health we will be learning about healthy and unhealthy food and how to prepare healthy snacks. During cultural diversity week we will learn about a range of different Spanish foods and get to taste a range of these foods. During this the importance of good hygiene when handling food will be discussed.


In RME we will be learning about Easter and new life.




In ICT we are continuing to focus on all aspects of logging on and off the computer, using paint programmes and tools within those. We will also focus on learning about the keys on the keyboard and improving our typing skills.




In technology the children will continue to explore a variety of paper folding, cutting, joining cylindrical shapes to flat shapes, covering items using paper and constructing 3D models using all of the above to tie in with their topics.


Expressive Arts:


Music this term will be related to topic. We will communicate our ideas, thoughts and feelings through music. In art we will use a variety of media to weave and print. In drama we will be choosing and accepting roles, using movement, expression and voice.


There are many other areas we will be learning and this is a flavour of some of the activities. If you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the school office and I would be happy to be of assistance.


With best wishes,


Miss McBain and Mrs Cook