What we are learning in Term 2

What we are learning in Term 2


Dear Parents,


Welcome to Clober Primary 5/6.   We are all glad to be back to school after a great Christmas holiday and are ready for the challenges that lay ahead in Term 2


Just a reminder of our PE days


PE sessions for Primary 5/6 will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please ensure your child has black shorts, a white t-shirt, socks and appropriate footwear. Trainers are better than gym shoes as they are more secure for gym.  Hair should be tied up and no jewellery worn on gym days. 


Things to bring to class

It would be helpful if you could provide the following equipment for your child:

2 sharp pencils

1 rubber

1short/long ruler

Colouring pens/pencils (sharp ready to be used)

A glue stick (e.g. pritt stick)

Please check each week that your child still has this equipment.




Spelling Homework


This will be given out on a Monday with a sheet at the front of the jotter explaining the spelling activities to be completed each night.   This means that your child can plan their homework around their extracurricular activities. Homework should be handed in on a Friday to be marked, but research will be handed in on a Monday to ensure enough time has been given to complete the task.  Please practise spelling words each night to ensure an excellent spelling result on a Friday.




This will be issued each Monday to be completed by Friday and it will vary depending on what your child is focusing on each week in class. 


This will also be issued on a Monday but sometimes throughout the week and the pages to be read will be written on a reading marker.


Primary five and six children will have a class novel this term to tie in with our topic of ‘Wallace and Bruce’. They will work as a class, in groups, pairs and individually, on reciprocal reading tasks and activities but I would also expect them to have their own novel for enjoyment.  They can read this from home or the school library.  They will complete a book review on completion of their novels.


Research/Current Affairs


In addition to this, Research will be issued as and when required.  Primary 5 and 6 children will complete current affairs each week when there is no research issued.  Current affairs homework and research should be completed in their separate ‘Research Jotter’. 


Term Two in Primary 5/6

In order to involve you as much as possible in your child’s learning I have listed the areas of the curriculum we will cover in this term.


Social Studies:


We will begin with our Scot’s Language topic which will run for the whole of January, where we will be involved in a lot of interesting activities and a Scottish Assembly will take place at the end of January to showcase our work.  Primary 5 will take part in the play ‘ Snaw White and the Seven Dwarfs’ and Primary 6 will perform the ‘Cha Cha Skite’.



Wallace and Bruce

The rest of the term will be spent on a ‘People, past events and the environment’ topic called ‘Wallace and Bruce’ where we look at the history of the Scottish Wars of Independence and focus on William Wallace and Robert Bruce. We will be looking at Article 12, 28 and 29 of the UN Convention as they tie in perfectly with this topic.  We will be involved in many activities such as writing about the battle of Bannockburn, designing medieval costumes for a pheasants, noblemen, squires, etc. We will design and build catapults and test these for strength, distance and weight.  We will be involved in note taking, drama, surveying and gathering data about what life was like for different social classes. We will look at where the Scottish Wars of Independence sit within a timeline, then more in depth learning of the events of the time


We will have our Assembly and learning celebration on Friday 17th March, so keep the date free.


Cultural Diversity Week

During this week we will learn more about Ireland.  We will look at a map of Ireland and note the key cities, tourism spots, currency and traditional food eaten.



This term we will concentrate on imaginative and personal writing. We will continue to focus on our punctuation, openers, connectives and ambitious vocabulary (VCOP) but try to add extra detail and descriptive phrases.  We will try to vary the length of our sentences. In imaginative writing we will be adding extra detail to liven up and enhance our stories. We will focus on using good VCOP to make our writing better and we can do this through peer and self assessment.  Each child will have their own personal writing targets related to Ros Wilson



Primary 5 will look at Exclamation Marks, Verb Tenses (past and present), Adverbs, Pronouns and Connectives.


Primary 6 will look at Pronouns, Sentences (subject,verb and adjective), Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns and Phrases.




Primary 5

We will look at addition and subtraction using formal methods, partitioning, number lines and the strategy of rounding and adjusting. Children will be supported or extended as required.


Primary 6

We will look at multiplication and division, number properties, divisibility, square numbers, cube numbers and triangular numbers. 

Primary 5 and 6

We will do mental maths daily, improving our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.  Please practise times tables using ‘Hit the button’ to improve speed and accuracy.  We will also be working with money, looking at best value, budgeting, ways of paying, change and currency conversions.  We will be covering Data Handling also, looking at Venn, Carroll and Tree diagrams, collecting, sorting and presenting data using tallies, frequency tables, grouped frequency tables, probability and databases.

Some useful websites are...







In ICT we will be focusing on extending our word processing skills by using more text handling features, opening and closing a document, inserting a text box, a picture, a table etc. We will create a document using and manipulating a wide range of graphic material. We will create a presentation incorporating graphics, text, sound, video and background colour/patterns.


In technology we will be using Crystal ICT throughout the year.  This can be accessed from home also using the link below;


Username – Clober

Password – school

We will also use a variety of technologies to construct medieval costumes and catapults. We will be able to use ICT to support our maths work using online database, spreadsheet and graph programs through Microsoft Excel.


In science we are looking at Our Human Body through the topic of ‘Aren’t We Amazing?’ and materials and their uses through the topic of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  We will also be involved in a nationwide science initiative alongside Coventry University, where we will look at the digestive system and taste buds through and online, live resource ‘Terrific Scientific’



In mapping we will be using the ‘Digimap for Schools’ resource to identify and locate places and environments using maps.  We will become map detectives identifying landscape features and characteristics.



We will be looking Good Versus Evil and discuss the story and Adam and Eve.  The focus will be on sin, temptation and suffering.


Expressive Arts:



In Music the children will have the chance to concentrate on singing tunefully, discussing melodies, playing percussion and inventing.  We will also be learning all of our Assembly songs and singing them confidently.  Lots to look forward to...



In Art this term will be looking at the work of Peter Brueghel and using his technique of perspective recreate his ‘Hunters in the Snow’. We will use fine line to add detail tied around our topic and novel study. We will also focus on collage, painting and 3D artwork (dream catchers), to express ourselves.



In PE the children will be working on


Dance - 2 weeks,

Gymnastics – 6 weeks,

Ball skills, mini games – 4 weeks



In Drama the children will have the opportunity to express themselves through our Scots Topic.  They will take on a role, work well with a partner and express themselves in their body movements miming a variety of scenarios. Our second topic of Wallace and Bruce lends itself to dramatising battles and scenarios from our class novel.



This year we will make things to sell at the Christmas and Summer fayres.  This term we will be performing at our assembly and the Fair Trade event.  We will have a visit to Pacific Quay from last terms topic and we have a visitor to discuss rocks and soils in next term to tie up our science from this term.


There are many other activities your child will be involved in, too many to list, but hopefully you will hear of these from your child! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above and I will be happy to help.

With best wishes,

Mrs Greer