What we are learning in Term 2

What we are learning in Term 2

 Welcome back to School!

 I hope you all had a relaxing break.  We are looking forward to a busy term ahead. 

 We can't wait for the Euroquiz! We’re also excited about the topics we will be studying in term 2. These are Scots language and Fairtrade. We will also be participating in Finance Week and Cultural Diversity Week.


 Reading – Bug club

The children have responded really well to our new Reading scheme. We will continue to work with books in class and the online readers at home. This term we will introduce online independent readers where children can read novels that are matched to their ability independently at home.  This term we will focus on comprehension through discussions and high order thinking questions that are literal, inferential and opinion based. We will analyse how writers use language effectively and continue to build our skimming, scanning and summarising skills with First News.

We will be participating in shared reading with P3a, where we will use reading tools help readers decode texts.

 Writing –

At the start of the term we will examine Scots language and create Scottish themed poems with our new vocabulary! Our writing will then link with our Fairtrade topic and we will learn how to create persuasive advertisements and texts.

We will continue to focus on use of descriptive language and using interesting Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP) to up level and develop our writing skills.


Talking / Listening: We will work in groups to research a famous scot and prepare presentations to deliver to the school at our Scottish Assembly. Our PATHs lessons will give us plenty of opportunity to improve our social skills such as listening, working co-operatively, giving our own opinions etc.



 We will be doing lots of work on number processes, focusing particularly on division, addition and subtraction. We will:

·         Work out and record division calculations in a variety of different ways.

·          Continue to revise times tables where necessary.

·         Use a range of strategies for addition and subtraction.

·          Use number properties to solve problems and consolidate strategies.


For our Beyond number work we will develop our knowledge of time.

·        Tell the time on 24 hour  clocks.

·         Exploring time calculations used in everyday life.

We will also spend time working  on our knowledge and understanding of money-

·         We will use relationships between currencies to do simple calculations.

·         Develop an understanding of the need to budget carefully.


Health and Wellbeing

·         PE – we will focus on gymnastics and hockey.

·         We will examine food health; , nutrition and hygiene  and how the media can influence our choices. We will link our learning to our Fair-Trade topic to understand where our food comes from.

·         For our mental and social wellbeing we will continue our weekly PATHs programme –watch out at home for the pupil of the week! This term we will continue our work on feelings and learn about different approaches to problem solving.


Social Studies


·         Link to literacy; using evidence to support arguments.

·         Examine ethical trading.

·         Enterprise: set up and run a Fairtrade tuck shop and work in teams to design Fairtrade products for P6 Dragon’s Den!


This term we will be:

·         Creating presentations for out Scottish assembly.

·         Using timetables online to link with our numeracy topic.



We will be focusing on separating substances, dissolving and properties of water.


Expressive Arts

Art -we will be linking our art work to other areas of the curriculum, and we will be working mostly on collage and how art can be used to advertise and promote products, services, ideas & events!


Drama – for our drama this term we will be working on the following skills: participating happily, move safely in spaces, contribute to Sound Circle, enact a story with a partner, confident movement, confident voices, create or enact a story and present/perform for audiences.


Music – We will be developing our singing and performing skills with Scottish Opera; watch out for our special performance in April! 



Religious and Moral Education

Our RME topic this term is “you are what you eat”; we look at the link between food and religion and different ethical issues about the food on our plates.



There are many other activities your child will be involved in, too many to list, but hopefully you will hear of these from your child! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss any of the above and I will be happy to help.


With best wishes,

Ms. Cunniffe