What we are learning in term 2

What we are learning in term 2


·         Work out and record division calculations in a variety of different ways.

·         Continue to revise times tables.

·         Use number properties to solve problems and consolidate strategies.

·         Work with money and use and use relationships between currencies to do simple calculations.

·         Develop an understanding of the need to budget carefully.

·         Record lengths in different forms.

·         Build on our knowledge about 2D shapes; properties and symmetry.

·         Investigate and create tessellations.

·         Calculate the perimeter and area of 2D shapes and the volume of 3D shapes.

·         Collect and sort data, and present information in tallies, frequency tables, grouped frequency tables and line graphs.



Novel Studies

We will be reading the novel, ‘The Garbage King’ by Elizabeth Laird.  The children will be participating in reciprocal reading activities.  We will also be working in Co-op groups for some reading tasks building on a variety of reading skills and higher order thinking skills.  The novel will provide us with meaningful reading into writing activities.


·         After studying Scots vocabulary, we will be able to write an acrostic poem about a friend in Scots language.

·         In personal writing, we will be writing about themselves, family, friends and pets using the Scots language.  The children will be focusing on using descriptive language and including their feelings and emotions in their writing.

·         In functional writing we will be learning to note-take based on the research activities as part of our social studies topic, Fairtrade.

·         We will also be creating a fact file about Fairtrade.


Our topic this term is ‘Au Café’.  The children will be introduced to the French for a selection of snacks, drinks and ice cream flavours.  They will be learning to justify their opinion regarding food.

Social Studies

Our topic this term is called, ‘Fairtrade’.  We will be learning about the purpose and values behind Fairtrade, looking at where different food types come from and the difference Fairtrade makes to people’s lives.

Health and Well-being

·         To know that we all experience a variety of thoughts and emotions that affect how we feel and behave and I am learning ways of managing them.

·         To learn skills and strategies which will support me in challenging times, particularly in relation to change and loss.

·         To be aware of and be able to express my feelings and develop the ability to talk about them.

·         To develop my understanding of the human body and use this knowledge to maintain and improve my wellbeing and health.

Physical Education

This term we will be working on:

·         Dance

·         Ball skills

·         Gymnastics


Expressive Arts


We will be linking our art work to other areas of the curriculum, and we will be working mostly on painting, collage and 3D (using clay).


Our drama this term will be linked to our Social Studies topic, Fairtrade.  We will be working on the following skills:

·         Participating happily

·         Move safely in spaces

·         Contribute to Sound Circle

·         Enact a story with a partner

·         Confident movement

·         Confident voices

·         Create or enact a story

·         Present/perform for audiences


This term we will be learning a variety of songs for our Scottish assembly and Easter celebration.  We will also be learning how to compose melodies. 

Religious and Moral Education

·         We are learning about the lifestyles and rituals of some world religions.

·         We are learning about the advantages and disadvantages of these lifestyles.


We are teaming up with the BBC to take part in a number of exciting lessons from its Terrific Scientific programme.  We will be taking part in a number of investigations on:

·         Taste

·         Water

Whole School Focus

Scotland – As part of our Scottish celebrations and Burns day, we will be learning Scottish songs and studying some Scots vocabulary.  We will be able to perform the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ dance with a Scottish twist!  The Cha Cha Skite !

Cultural Diversity – Brazil

During the first two weeks of February we will be learning all about the Brazilian culture.