What we are learning in term 2

What we are learning in term 2

 What We Are Learning in Term 2



·         Introduce a range of mental strategies multiplication – rounding and adjusting.

·         Continue to practice the multiplication tables.

·         Extend the range of mental strategies for multiplication, x 10,x 100 x1000

·         Revise the formal methods of subtraction, multiplication and division.

·         Use number properties to solve problems and consolidate strategies.

·         Work with money and use and use relationships between currencies to do simple calculations.

·         Develop an understanding of the need to budget carefully.

·         Information handling activities e.g. sort data and present in a variety of ways



Novel Studies

We will be reading the novel, ’A Desperate Journey’ by Kathleen Fidler. This novel describes what happened to the crofters in the Highlands two hundred years ago when they were forced to leave their crofts by the landlords. The children will be participating in reciprocal reading activities and will also be working in Co-op groups for some reading tasks.


·         After studying Scots vocabulary, we will be able to write a well-known fairy tale in Scots language. We will also perform “Snaw White” at our Scots assembly.

·         In personal writing, we will be writing about how the crofters felt leaving their homes for the big city of Glasgow and also travelling to new lands.  The children will be focusing on using descriptive language and including their feelings and emotions in their writing.

·         We will be studying the features of a play script and be able to write our very own play scripts based on a well-known story/fairytale.

·         In functional writing we will be learning to note-take based on the research activities as part of our social studies topic.

·         We will also be creating a fact file about a landmark in Scotland.


Social Studies

Our topic this term is called, ‘Highland Clearances’.  We will be learning about the geography of Scotland and what happened in the Highlands in the past when the land was needed for sheep instead of people. We will be visiting New Lanark Heritage Site to find out about what life in the mills was like for the people of this time. We will also have a chance to take the Annie MacLeod ride at New Lanark and see the working mill and how dangerous it was.

Health and Well-being

Physical Well-being

·         We will learn the ways of reducing our risks of catching infections.

·         We will learn about the dangers of passive smoking and use the Smokey Sue machine to see what is actually inside a cigarette.

·         We will be learning facts about legal and illegal drugs and how these can help and harm our bodies.

Physical Education

This term we will be working on:

·         Ball skills

·         Gymnastics

Expressive Arts


We will be linking our art work to other areas of the curriculum, and we will be working mostly on printing, weaving, collage and 3D (using clay).


Our drama this term will be to perform the play, ‘Snaw White’ in the Scots language.  Also to keep in the ‘Scottish theme’ we will be doing drama based activities for the Loch Ness Monster and Grey Friar’s Bobby. We will perform our assembly at the start of term 3 based on our Highland Clearances topic.


This term we will be learning a variety of songs for our Scottish assembly and Easter celebration.  We will also be learning how to compose melodies. 

Religious and Moral Education

·         To be aware of other world religions, in particular Hinduism and the festivals and celebrations connected with this religion.

Whole School Focus

Scotland – As part of our Scottish celebrations and Burns day, we will be learning Scottish songs and studying some Scots vocabulary.  We will be able to perform the play ‘Snaw White’ in front of a large audience at our special ‘Scottish Celebrations’ assembly.

Cultural Diversity – France

We will be looking closely at France and tasting some French food. We will identify some French landmarks and study French traditions. The children will have the opportunity to research customs or a famous French person.



This term we will be looking at the properties of water and chemical reactions. The pupils will be involved in practical experiments in class as they investigate water. They will also research our solar system and be able to name the order of our planets from the Sun. They will design and make information leaflets about their own planet.