What we will be Learning in Term 2

What we will be Learning in Term 2


Happy New Year!

Welcome to our very busy Term 2 in Primary 1a!

Just look at what we're about to learn....



Number, Money and Measurement

We will learn to:

  • Add within 10 and learn number bonds to 10
  • Find doubles to 10
  • Work with numbers to 20 by reading, writing and counting sets of 20
  • Reinforcing the number sequence to 20 and giving the number before, after and between
  • Know that there are different months in a year and that there are four seasons
  • Use and understand vocabulary - tall, short, long, thick, thin etc.

Information Handling

We will learn to:

  • Organise and display data using simple graphs like a pictogram.
  • Use Tally Marks.


Phonics and Reading

This term we will continue to recognise, form and say commonly used sounds. We will learn the letter name, the sound it makes and to identify the lower and upper case shape. We will apply our knowledge of blending along with common word recognition to help us with reading and writing.

Word games, puzzles, flashcards and word boxes will help reinforce this new vocabulary.
Homework will be issued to consolidate everything taught in class.
Following the initial teaching of phonics and reading, children will be involved in both written work and practical activities, often working collaboratively, in pairs or small groups.
We will also continue to enjoy whole class Big Book reading lessons where we will use our 'Reading Tools' to become Reading Detectives!

This term we will learn the differences between fiction and non-fiction books.



  • In imaginative writing we will be working on sequence and structure, building up a story in the correct order and retelling a story.
  • In functional writing we will learn that information books are different from stories.
  • We will write a sentence with a capital letter, full stop , spaces between words and the connective 'because'.

Health and Wellbeing

Food & Health

We will learn about which kind of food we need to eat to keep us healthy.



This term we will be working on gymnastics and floor work, including rolling, jumping and travelling.
Our PE days will continue to be Mondays and Fridays.
We are very lucky to have coaches from the SFA to help us with our ball skills.

Expressive Arts


We will be linking our Art work to other areas of the Curriculum, but this term we will be working
mostly on printing and painting.


Our Drama this term will continue to focus on Fantasy Stories. We will also learn how to enact stories with a partner.
Our 'Role Play' corners in the classroom will be 'The Old House' to link with our Social Studies Topic, 'Old Things and New Things' and an 'Italian Ice Cream Parlour' to tie in with our Cultural Diversity topic, 'Italy'.


This term we will be learning a variety of songs for our 'Scottish' Assembly.
We will also learn songs to help with simple rhythms, repeating patterns and steady beat.

Religious and Moral Education

Our topic this term is 'Fairy Tales and Bible Stories'


Our Science topic this term will be:

  • Materials


Our Technology focus this term is Construction and Model Making.
We will also learn to use various tools within a paint programme and continue to practise
logging on and off the computer.

To tie in with our Data Handling in Maths, we will use ICT to organise and display data using simple graphs like a pictogram.


Social Studies

This term our topic is 'Old Things and New Things'.

Through this topic, we will be making links with all curricular areas including music, art,
literacy and maths.



During the month of January, the school will focus on 'Scotland'.
Primary 1 will:

  • Design their own tartan through art work and use of ICT
  • Listen to and learn Scottish songs and poetry
  • Perform to an audience during our 'Scottish' Assembly
  • Learn to perform a Scottish dance