World of Work

World of Work

World of Work Week


We had a visit from Mr Jamieson.

He told us about his job as an air traffic controller. He worked from the age of 17 until 60.  He told us about the things he had to do , such as, prioritsing his work and having to communicate with the pilots of planes. Mr Jamieson told us  that to be an air traffic controller you don’t need to go to university or be a total brainbox but you just need to be able to work in a team and prioritise your work.


Mr Jamieson showed us the NATS (National Air Traffic Services)  website where we learned to play games like, Shape Tracking, Sequential Memory, Reactive Avoidence, ACT Landing Game and Gateway Game.

 He told us about the shifts and salary of an air traffic controller. They work on a 10 day rota as they work 6 days then have 4 days off. The shifts are 8 hours long and you get a break every so often.

We really enjoyed having Mr Jamieson in as he told us lots of interesting facts about his job and we think that some of the people in our class would really like to be an air traffic controller.



By Jemma and Jessica